Monday, July 21, 2008

Short, But Sweet...

To me, there is almost nothing sweeter in life than a cherished childhood friend. It amazes me that after so many years, well...over 30 at least!, that no matter how far apart we are or how often we get in touch with each other I am still the best of friends with my childhood BFF Trish. We met in the first grade at the bus stop. The first day of school. I called her a name. Her Mom called my Mom. A friendship was born! There have been many years that we have been out of touch, then in touch again, then out. Now she is moving from Portland back to South Carolina for the second time. Her husband took a transfer there (again!) so they were going through Salt Lake yesterday and stayed the night. It seems kind of funny for two girls from a small town in Canada to end up in the states, but here we both are.

It was a wonderful, very fast visit. We had a BBQ and stayed up until midnight, but they were hitting the road at 6:00 a.m. because they were going to try to make it to "somewhere in Kansas" today. When she arrived she came in the door with a dozen absolutely gorgeous pink roses, a sweet little bamboo plant with added pink orchids and a bottle of wine from Washington state. Sweet!

I dug up these funny old pictures of the first one I am on the left (Grade 7 I think!) and in the other picture I am on the right. We were dressed up in old fashioned dresses for when we attended Klondike Days in Edmonton, Alberta when we were about 13 years old. That was quite the trip! These pictures are so grainy and yellow...does that tell you how old they are...

Through thick and thin we've always been around for each other and now she is driving her way across the country to South Carolina with her husband and two cute little doggies. Safe travels my sweet friend! Until we meet again... ~Stacy~ xo

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Robyn said...

Lovely post! I too have a BFF whom I have known for over 20 something years! I love her to pieces! Just can't fathom not being in the same town. But there was a time she moved to Ohio and those were the 5 longest years for me! LOL! I am so glad you got a great night! Maybe you can go see her once she is settled!