Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lovely New Stuff In Vintage Finds!

Well I'm back home after a very relaxing fall season and decided that it was
time to get cracking and get some new items listed on the web site.

Here is an adorable vintage hat stand...I love her!

This is a lovely altered art memory box that has a magical top
filled to the brim with lovely bits and pieces...

This lovely cherub candleholder has pretty cherubs on the column
along with 10 original crystal teardrop prisms...

These lovely fashion prints are from the 50's.  They just been given
a freshening up with a coat of black paint on the frames...

I love this vintage Harry & David wicker tray with its lovely
french fashion label on the bottom...

For all lovers of Marie Antoinette and French style, this altered art
memory box is sure to tickle your fancy...

Another beautiful depiction of Marie Antoinette...

A lovely vintage metal tray that has been given a pretty makeover.

Be sure to visit my web site or Etsy shoppe to see these and other
pretty treasures that have just been listed.  More items will be
coming all week long and into next week.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh Dear...Or Should I Say Deer!

This is the view from my Mom's upper balcony at her home in the Okanagan
Valley, Lake Country, B.C. to be more exact.  She lives in a beautiful Victorian
house that my Dad built for her 15 years ago.  It is their dream home.  Sadly,
my Dad passed away suddenly 5.5 years ago, but his memory is alive and well
and their house is truly a testiment to how much my Dad adored my Mom and
wanted to live out the rest of his days with her.  Alas, it was not to be.

Well well well, what have we here?  My Mom lives in the country; well, it's a
populated area, but it's surrounded by orchards, woods and vineyards.  These
beautiful creatures are seen on her property almost every day.

There are usually between two and four deer running around her place on any
given day.  They seem to think they  have the run of the place!

This is the back of Mom's house ~ a massive brick courtyard with raised rose
gardens, a pond and a gazebo.  Can you spot the three troublemakers in the
background?  Just stay away from the roses please!

Two more on the driveway...geez, they're getting kind of close to the house!

They seem to love munching on the Saskatoon bushes!

Oh, I don't think so!  I had to tap on the window and chase this guy away!
The funny thing was the next day my Mom looked out and saw one of them
standing right in the middle of her raised rose garden happily munching the
buds off of the roses.  Good thing it was October and not June!

This is one of the reasons they love it so much...it's their own little forest and
and with all of the apple orchards and vineyards nearby, who wouldn't want to
camp out here!

A very lovely little Canadian maple tree that is bursting forth with gorgeous
autumn colors...perfect for being in Canada I'd say!

This is a great place to sit in the spring and summer...the view from my Mom's
lower deck.  It's picture perfect and always wonderful to go home!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Canada was awesome!

I'm finally home after being away back "home" for five weeks in Canada.
I didn't take alot of pictures, but thought I'd share what I did take in a few
posts.  Of course one must always take the obligatory airport shot as the
plane is pushing back from the gate.  I love to fly so anything to do with the
airport is right up my alley!  My first leg was from Salt Lake City to Seattle,
where it was raining (big surprise)!  I love the Pacific Northwest, but I really
don't know if I could cope with the weather.  It would make me nuts!  Now
all of you Pacific Northwest people...don't hate me because of that comment!

This is one of the best sights for me...looking out a plane window.  I love it!
These two shots were taken as we were descending into SeaTac in Seattle.

You've gotta love it!  It's that "we're all in this thing together" shot.
You might as well enjoy the ride!