Friday, July 30, 2010

Off On A New Adventure...

We are off on a new adventure tomorrow morning! Our first stop is the California Redwood Forest and then we will be making our way up the Oregon Coast! I haven't been to the ocean in years and I'm looking so forward to it! The fifth wheel is going to travel a fair distance this time! My brother and sis-in-law are coming down from Canada in their huge motorhome and are meeting us for two weeks of vacation bliss! See you in the middle of August! ~Stacy~ **Photos courtesy of Flickr.**

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Little Portrait Wall

Recently I have been updating our bedroom a little bit and have been slowly adding more French style touches to the decor. My friend Marci is the "Queen of French" so to speak and her decor has really influenced the way our bedroom is evolving. I have been collecting these adorable vintage and antique portrait prints for awhile now and finally had enough of the "nicer" ones to make a pretty display on one of the walls. Most of them are very "Marie Antoinette-ish" looking and I just love them!

I am also a fan of old swag lamps and I adore the ones with the gorgeous chunky gold metal roses and leaves attached. I came across this one at the Salvation Army a few weeks back and just had to have it for the corner of the bedroom. Out went the tole chandelier into the main powder room and in came the swag lamp....musical lamps around here I swear! I'm always moving lamps around! Anyway, I love this pretty swag lamp and it adds a nice "Frenchy" feel to the corner. It's so pretty at night too! Love it!

My next job is to update the top of the wardrobe, but that will have to wait for now. Until next time, have a lovely day! ~Stacy~ xo

Monday, July 19, 2010

Antoinette & Friends Door Plaque

Those of you who have followed my blog over the years know that summer usually tends to take me away from posting very regularly at all. It's not that I'm super's just that the last thing I want to be doing is to be sitting at my computer on a lovely day! I am an outside girl, even in the heat! (*_*) I'm so thankful for all of you regular posters though as I love to while away part of my evenings perusing all of the gorgeous eye candy out thank you ladies for keeping me entertained and up to date! (*_*)

Today I thought I'd share with you a little project that I finished up a few weeks back. A friend of mine gave me this adorable wooden sign complete with a very pretty carved top with a bow in the center so I thought I'd make a little vignette to hang on my front door. I added vintage sheet music for the background and then adorned it with gorgeous tags that I purchased from my friend Janet over at Shabbyfufu. She makes the BEST stuff! I added a few small embellishments and then I put an adorable pink bird on the corner. I found this charming creature at Michael's a few months back. Actually...I bought all of the pink birds that they had left! What can I say?!...I'm a pink girl! I was also going to add trim around the edges, but I never got around to it so I think I'll just leave it alone. I didn't have any at the time and I didn't feel like buying any so there it sits!

I'd love to hear what projects you are working on or what's on your front door. Until next time, have a lovely day! ~Stacy~ xo