Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty In Pink Fenton Vases

Today I thought I'd share with you a quick note about my sweet Mother-in-law. She loves going to yard sales and thrift stores and a few weeks back she went to a yard sale and found some "stuff" for me. She was trying to describe these pretty pink vases to me over the telephone and from what she said, I thought that they sounded pretty nice!

She brought them over a few days later and lo and behold, they are gorgeous vintage pink Fenton vases! She only paid $1 each for them so yes...she did good! (*_*) She is always on the lookout for me and she is really starting to know my taste. I love these gorgeous vases and I think that my Mom-in-law is just about the sweetest lady in the world for thinking of me! ~Stacy~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Antique Lady Portrait

Just thought I'd share a special treasure with you that I found last week at one of my favorite antique malls here in Salt Lake City. I have a real penchant for antique lady portrait prints and I almost escaped the antique mall without finding a thing. At the very last moment I turned toward a display and saw this beautiful girl staring back at me. (*_*)

I love this artist and I simply could not resist the beauty of her exquisite face and the lovely art deco frame that she is framed in. For now she has a place on one of my kitchen walls. I may part with her and I may not...who am I kidding? She is not going anywhere anytime soon! ~Stacy~ xo

My Best Friend


March 1994 - September 2010

My heart is aching tonight in a way that I can't describe to any of you who are not dog lovers. It's been two weeks today since I put my little best friend down and I must tell you that it's been the most difficult two weeks of my life. I'm always looking for him in the hall, around the corner or in the kitchen. It's funny when you have had a faithful companion with you for over 16.5 years...he just meant everything to me and now my home feels empty and dull. With no biological children of my own, he was basically my child, my furry child!

Hug your little furry friends tight tonight's so hard when they are taken away. ~Stacy~