Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stacy Fern's Semi-Homemade Tablecloth

If any of you are familiar with Sandra Lee and her semi-homemade recipes,
then you will understand the making of this tablecloth.  Sandra Lee is well
known for using store bought items such as cake mixes and other prepared
food and adding her own twist to them to make them her own without all
the fuss and time involved of a real home cooked meal.  While I don't really
subscribe to that way of thinking (I like to cook from scratch), I used this
this idea to make a tablecloth that I have been wanting to make for a
really long time.  Here is the finished product!

A few weeks ago I purchased a ruffled bedskirt from for the
purpose of tearing it apart and making a tablecloth.  I already have two of
these for my bed and they are so pretty so I decided to take the work out of
making a time consuming cloth and do it this way.  I know...I know...all of you
sewers out there are groaning!  While I know how to sew and have been doing
it since I was a child, it really no longer thrills me.  Also, the idea of gathering
yards and yards of fabric and having threads break did not sound appealing to
me at all.  This was the easiest and quickest way for me to get the end result
I wanted without all of the hard work involved.  I know, I'm a cheater!

I took all of the ruffles off the tablecloth just by cutting really close to the top
ruffle.  It worked perfectly!  There were slight overlaps of ruffles on the two
corners where the corners of your bed would be, but by cutting along the top
of the ruffles, the corners straightened out completely and I just left the
overlapped ruffles as is...hey, it's more ruffley that way!  Then I went down to
JoAnn Fabrics and found some heavier cotton twill fabric that matched my
bedskirt perfectly.  I laid it on the table and traced around the outside, with my
husband's help, and cut out my large oval for the top.  After that all there was
to do was to pin the ruffles along the pencil line that I had traced and sew them
on.  A few zigzag stitches around the whole thing and I was done!  There are a
few pencil lines that need to come out in the next washing, but it turned out
just lovely and I am absolutely thrilled with my end result!

Don't you just love ruffles?  I know I do and I love my tablecloth!

Two dozen faux cupcakes are sitting patiently on my kitchen counter waiting
to be put on my web site and in my Etsy shop.  They just need a few more
days to dry.   Lots of pretty pink and sparkles going on here!

My roses are starting to flop...I kind of like them this way...

I will leave you with this image for now and I'm hoping that you
are having a wonderful day whatever it is you are doing!

Oh yes, and my middle name really is Fern...  (*_*)

Until next time,


Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Few New Treasures...

I haven't shared any new treasures that I've listed for quite some time on my
blog so today I thought I'd show you a few lovely items that have just been
listed on my web site.  First up is this lovely antique goddess plate from
Bavaria...isn't it gorgeous!

This pink poodle wicker basket has a ton of retro charm!

This lovely antique print would fit in any decor...I love this!

How cute is this little vintage night light?!

This antique moustache cup would be a pretty addition to your collection!

How about this vintage Italian Benacchio figurine?

I love this print ~ it dates to 1906!

And I've saved the best for last!  This gorgeous antique French
Limoges cake plate is sure to make you swoon!

Until next time, have a wonderful day!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Love For Statues

I love using statues in my decor so today I thought I would show you a few
of my favorite ones.  Most of them are vintage or antique, some are newer
and some are somewhere in between.  They all have a story to tell...

The one you see above was purchased at an antique auction.  I don't
remember how much I paid for this particular one, but I know that it wasn't
very much.  I left the original finish as is.  I rarely like to paint them unless
the finish is way too far gone for my liking.

This isn't really a statue, but almost!  This is actually a super heavy resin
fountain that I found a few years ago at Savers.  I can barely lift it, it weighs
an absolute ton!  I think I paid $20 for it ~ total bargain!  The fountain does
work and I use it sometimes, but it's often so gobbed up with decorations that
it's almost a pain to use it.  It doesn't matter, it looks pretty just sitting there.

Here is another statue that is actually a lamp.  I have a pair of these and I
purchased them at an antique auction as well.  These are replicas of lamps
from 17th century France and this pair was made around the 1960's.  They
are absolutely gorgeous, extremely well detailed and very feminine.

Here is the other one.  These are super heavy as well.  They sure knew
how to make things years ago...I call these my Goddess lamps!

This is a newer resin piece that is about 10 years old.  I picked her up at a
garden/flag store and she just reminds me of spring.  I added a little nest with
pink eggs and some little birds to her wings.  Her metal wings are detachable.

This is another favorite of mine that I purchased at an antique mall some years
ago.  I added the old pink floral hat.  Love some whimsy in my decor!

Here is another statue similar to the first one I showed.  I have a fair amount
of gold in my decor and this one fit right in with my Marie Antoinette style
front room.  Again, I love the original finish on this one!

You may recall seeing this statue fairly recently.  I just purchased it a few
months ago and decked him out for Valentine's Day.  He is new with a crackle
finish and I picked him up at Tai Pan Trading Company...a great store!

This is probably my all time favorite statue.  I took this picture a few weeks
back during Valentine's Day so it's not the best shot of her.  She is so pretty
and is clutching a little bird in her arms.  I purchased her from my good friend
Paula who always has just the best stuff to choose from!

Here is another statue that is actually a lamp.  I purchased it from my friend
Marci.  Marci touched up some of the painting on this one and added the
pink accents...she knows I'm a sucker for pink!  (*_*)

And last, but not least here is a simple chalkware statue that I picked up for
only a few dollars at the thrift store.  She sits on my bathroom vanity draped
in pearls.  I love the wicker baskets she is holding.

I have more statues, but I'll save those for another day.  I hope you
enjoyed my little statue show.  Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sittin' Pretty...

I received some emails from a few of you awhile back asking me to show pictures
of the sofa in my front room.  Yes, I am little bit today I thought I would
showcase this room a little bit.  It is my favorite room in the house.  Enjoy...

There is a story behind this sofa and curio cabinet...don't the best treasures
always have a story?!  I got these pieces about five or six years ago when
I went to auctions on a regular basis.  This sofa, curio cabinet and matching
occasional table (not shown) came from an auction up in the Ogden area of Utah.
It was from a doctor's home and he was liquidating after a divorce.  I am so glad
that I went to the auction that lovely summer day... (*_*)

The coffee table you see actually matches very well.  It has a marble top and the
most glorious creamy carved roses on both sides.  I purchased it from a good friend
of mine who has always has the best stuff!  Thank you Marci!

I love the scrolled woodwork on this sofa and I especially love the fact that the
wood has pastel highlights on it.  Here you see it decked out with a bunch of
ruffled pillows.  I am trying to de-fluff the rest of the house, but this is one room
that will probably stay pretty "fluffy"...I just love it this way!

Don't you just LOVE these details?!

This is the matching curio cabinet!  I can tell you that I honestly almost dropped
dead when I saw it!  Okay, that is exaggerating, but seriously...!

The curio cabinet has the same scrolled detailing as the sofa, but it also has
carved pastel roses, curved glass and awesome rope trim inside the glass.  I
simply adore it!  Of course it wasn't enough by itself, I had to add dozens of
roses to the top...I know, complete overkill...

Just another view of the loveliness...

Check out those roses!

Here is a little view of some of the treasures inside...

Love this antique platter and I used to collect Seraphim Classics, but now just
display a few of them.  My Mom gave me this gorgeous Royal Doulton figurine
for my birthday a few years back.  Isn't she pretty!

Another treasure from my friend Marci...

This is a little thrift store find that I picked up for only $1.  His foot is broken,
but I don't care.  It's tucked under the other what right?!

More lovelies including some Fenton melon vases, Lefton figural vases and
my prize RS Prussia teacups and saucers.  I just love them!

This has a lovely curved drawer front...

And more pretty details on the bottom...and the best thing I can tell you about
this set is that all three pieces were under $500.  Yes, that is the best part!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!