Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Basement Guest Room - My Mom's Room

My Mom stays with us every fall.  I am lucky that she can
come and stay with us for so long...2.5 months this time!
She has a bedroom in our basement and a nice bathroom
too.  Every year I do something a little bit different in her
room...here are a few pictures of what her room looks
like this time around.

I love this old metal bed.  It has a lovely medallion on the
headboard and footboard.  Some people would probably
have painted it straight away, but I liked the way it looked
this way so I left it.  The screen behind the bed is from
Target and it is a Simply Shabby Chic piece that was
available years ago.  Why is all of the great Shabby Chic
stuff discontinued?  The green rose throw pillows are
also SSC as well and yes, they are discontinued!

Just a closer view...

I love the details on this bed!

Here is another view of the room...the closet is behind those curtains.  The white chair in the corner is a chair
(one of a pair) that I purchased at an auction years ago
for $40 for the pair.  They are Ballard Designs chairs
and I looked up the retail price of them...quite crazy!

This is an old needlepoint that I framed in a beautiful
ornate gold frame that I had kicking around in my stash.
I love the way it turned out.  I have a mixture of cottage,
French and Shabby Chic items in this room.

One of my favorite pieces is this old claw foot table.  It is
shabby and worn and I just adore it!  The dresser is another
auction piece...there is another matching dresser on
the other wall.  I was forbidden to paint them.  Does your
husband ever do that?!  (*_*)

This lamp shade and base is also from Simply Shabby
Chic and they are long since discontinued.  I always include a picture of my Dad on her bedside table.  We all miss
him so much!

One of my favorite statues wearing her little tiara...

An old corday lamp and lamp shade.  I just propped up
the frame against the wall to give the lamp a background.
The candles are all flameless so Mom doesn't have to worry
about setting the basement on fire!  Ha ha!

I have had this little floral settee for years now.  It was
upstairs in my front room for a long time, but when I
found a new French settee, I moved it downstairs to the
basement.  I works perfectly in her room and it has roller
wheels so it is easy to move.

Isn't it cute!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my Mom's home away
from home.  She really loves it down there in the basement.  It gives her privacy and it's very comfortable.  I have a little portable fireplace that she uses as well if it gets too
cool for her down there.

My next post will be pictures of her bathroom.
It really turned out pretty!