Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lighten Up!

Now when you saw the title of this post, I imagine
that most of you thought that it was going to be
about lightening up your decor for spring.  In a
sense it is, but not in the way you think!

I rarely get very personal on my blog and that is
just a choice for me, but today I wanted to share
something with new motto, which is
Don't take yourself, or your decorating too seriously!

Recently someone made me feel bad about my decor.
I know, it's silly and I rarely care what other people
think, but this just got to me for some reason.  It
is probably because I pour my heart and soul into
my home and I actually love what it looks like.
I don't follow trends (or it takes me year to and
by then they are really old!) and I don't care if it
is to everyone's liking...I like it!

If you follow trends, hey, that's great!  I have
nothing against that at all.  In fact, I think it's
pretty cool that people can change and adapt like
that.  I'm just not one of those people!

The burlap obsession is not for me, the industrial
chic thing is not for me and the all white decor
(which I love!) is just not for me either.  I love
color and I love adding silly, whimsical objects
to my existing pieces - as you may notice above!

Do what's right for you and your home will shine!
Your personality will come out in everything you
touch and you won't have "cookie cutter"
surroundings to boot!  Do what YOU love and
do what makes YOU feel good!  There is no right
and there is no wrong and there is no reason to
have your home a certain way just because it's
the popular thing to do.

  In other words, lighten up and have fun!

Wow, kind of personal...  (*_*)


Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Perfectly Pink Present From Paula

I know that Christmas is over and that we have all been
inundated with Christmas pictures for ages, but I 
could not help posting this absolutely adorable
Christmas present that I received from my good
friend Paula.  Paula consigns on my web site and
we've been great pals for years so she knows me
and knows how much I love PINK!

Can you believe that she kept her keen eye out the
entire year for things to put in my Christmas basket!
Yep, she's amazing!  This adorable angel was on the
top of the package...printed from Graphics Fairy.

Look at all of these wonderful pink goodies!

Everything is just so cute and so pink!

First of all, there is this adorable vintage celluloid
deer complete with its pink plaid bow.

Then there is this super pretty antique canister 
piece covered with roses on the front.

This is one of my favorite things...the graphic 
was printed from Graphics Fairy and then this
sweet vintage pink trim was added to the bottom
to form a multi-tiered pink skirt!  How cute!

This is such a cute item and one with a story.
Paula thought that these pink rose scented trash
bags were so cute and equally cool because they
have the identical side on the back written in
French.  I told her that I used to use these back
home in Canada all of the time and I was amazed
that she ran across these.  I turned it over to the
French side and found that they were made in
Burnaby, which is near Vancouver...the same
province (British Columbia) that I am from.
Of course they had both languages on them...
everything in Canada has both French and English
on it...every single product!  I'm sorry, but I do not
missing seeing French and English on everything!

These are adorable...cute little vintage clip-on
Christmas ornament earrings!  So different!

This fabulous vintage Shiny Brite ornament will fit
in nicely with my tree next year as I changed my
entire tree to include hot pink and silver!

Love these...a roll of pink Washi tape and a very
cool vintage pink measuring tape.  I will use it
in my purse when I'm out and about!

Paula made this pink bracelet for me.  It almost
looks like candy now that I'm looking at the picture!

She also made this sweet pink paper banner that
I will most likely use for Valentine's Day.

Lastly, there is this beautiful vintage pink Pyrex
bowl with its perfect pink and white stripes!

See...isn't Paula a lovely friend to think of all
of this for me?!  I should say so!

Thank you for indulging me with my last
Christmas post.  I couldn't not show you these
wonderful goodies from an equally wonderful
friend.  Thank you Paula!


Monday, January 6, 2014

Recycle Your Old Calendar!

For my first post of the new year I thought that
I would share a very simple project with you.
It's a new year and you have a new calendar on
your what do you do with the old
one?  It's too pretty to throw away so why not
convert it into simple artwork for your wall!

All you need to do is take apart your old 
calendar and trim off any excess from the edges.
For the frames, I used simple, inexpensive glass
clip frames from Hobby Lobby.  You can obviously
use any frame, but I wanted to feature the
artwork more than the frames so I used these.

I hung six of these gorgeous pictures in my main
bathroom in my hall and they look amazing!  You
may recognize the calendar from Jo-Anne of
Vintage Rose Collection.  It is so beautiful!

Now, while we are on the topic, I would like to
remind you that this is only okay if you are
recycling YOUR calendar.  It is not okay to take
photographs such as this and recopy them for
any reason.  That is copyright infringement. If
it is for your own use, then a-okay.  Any 
copying or reselling is unethical and takes away
from the integrity of the artist.  We all know
how hard artists and photographers work to
make something unique and beautiful!

So if you have a pretty, 2013 calendar still
hanging around you might want to try this!