Sunday, March 17, 2013

Details - Part 2

I had so many pictures that I wanted to share with you that I thought I
would do a second post on some details in my home that I love...

Above is the detail on a sweet three tiered "box" cake that I purchased
on Etsy several years ago.  I think that this was my first Etsy purchase.

I love whimsy in my decor and this large glittered key shows just that...

Pretty swags on a concrete urn...

The sparkle of a crystal chandelier...

The hand painting on a ceiling medallion...

Charming flowers on a vintage tole tray...

Gold hardware and a criss-cross windowpane...

And lastly, a lettered medallion on a hanging banner...

Thank you for coming along with me today.  I hope you enjoyed
my Details posts.  Wishing you a wonderful spring day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


It's All In The Details...

Details are found everywhere in your home.  Those special touches that
make each home unique and pretty are in every room.  Come along with
me as I share some of my favorite details with you today...

Deep ornate carvings on an oversized mirror...

Pretty hardware on a vintage armoire...

The ruffles on a 1940's prom dress...

A fabulous applique and hand painted roses...

Hand carved roses on the top of a mirror...

A pretty flower on an Italian tole mirror...

Carvings on a curio cabinet...

A pretty light switch...

Ruffles on elegant pillows...

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Inspiring Artwork of Christie Repasy

Today I am so delighted to share with you my collection of pieces from
one of my absolute FAVORITE artists around, Christie Repasy.

Christie's work is truly unmatched and she has such an incredible gift of
painting such breathtaking florals and other vintage style artwork.  Here
are a few of my favorite pieces that I am lucky enough to own...

The picture above is in my office.  I have three of her beautiful pieces
right above my desk that I look at every day while I'm working.

Here is a closer view of my shelf that I edited a few years ago.  One of
Christie's pieces graces the top, a large silver rose bowl that I purchased
from Urban Barn in Canada sits on the second shelf and the bottom shelf
holds a few pieces of pink Fenton art glass and other treasures.

I love looking at these while I'm working.  I don't have any of Christie's
pieces in frames.  They do look amazing framed, but I just love the
absolute simplicity of the canvas and seeing the art in its purest form.

Look at this amazing wooden waste basket.  It's spectacular.  I actually
don't use it for a waste basket.  Sometimes I have large bunches of flowers
in it, others times it holds vintage wallpaper and sometimes it has nothing
at all in it.  It really doesn't need anything, it's a piece of art unto itself!

I love this shelf!  It sits on the wall in our bedroom.  The
details on this are just incredibly beautiful!

Just look at the flow and design of this piece.  Delicious!

These are two larger pieces that I have in my front sitting room.  I have
had them on my wall here, with the same mirror in the center, for about
eight or nine years!  I know what you're thinking...and I am not kidding!
I used to be one of those people who moved things around in her house
every five minutes, but I'm just not like that anymore.  I did attempt to
take them down once about three or four years ago and try something
different in this space and the change lasted, literally, for an afteroon!
I just hated what I had done so everything came down and these went
back up.  Why mess with success right?!

I love how well these pieces go with my Italian tole mirror in the center.
I also have a matching chandelier...I wonder where that went...hmmm...

The last piece that I'm showing you today is this absolutely adorable little
wooden shelf with a basket of roses in the center.  It's really hard for me
to pick a favorite piece, I love them all so much, but isn't this one sweet!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my collection of Christie's work.  If you
would like more information on Christie and her amazing artwork, here
is a link to her beautiful web site...

Thank you for coming along today.

Until next time,