Monday, November 2, 2009

A Little Lunch For Six

I belong to a wonderful little group of gals who get together for lunch once every two months. We all have a common love of antiques and decorating so we get together at one of our homes. This month it was my turn so I snapped a few pics for you.

I had a little punch station set up with a big urn on the side, a huge trophy cup that held the punch bowl in the center and my silver tea service on the other side. Unfortunately, I could not get hubby to turn off Law & Order for that shot! Thankfully it was turned off before the ladies arrived!

I fashioned a fun centerpiece from almost two dozen roses and a glass giant teacup that I picked up at Tai Pan Trading here in Salt Lake. This is actually quite a huge centerpiece, the pictures are making it look smaller. A square glass vase was set down inside the teacup and all sides were then filled with small white marshmallows. I saw the idea in a book so I decided to try it and it turned out really sweet! The final shot is of a yummy pumpkin cheesecake. I actually bought the cake at Costco and then fashioned 25 fondant pumpkins complete with tic-tac stems for on the top of the cake. I then added artificial ivy and more pumpkins around the edges. It was a hit!

I hope you enjoyed these few pics. Right now we are putting in new Brazilian Cherry laminate floors in our entire house (except the basement) and new french doors off the dining room. The house is now in chaos and looks nothing like it did on my luncheon day! Pics to come soon! ~Stacy~