Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Treasures Today!

Hello everyone!

I have finally gotten into gear and listed some
new treasures in my Etsy shop and on my web
site.  I've had a few people ask me what the
difference is between the two!  Well, nothing
really...basically I just have two selling venues.
The prices are the same, although I will say
that by purchasing on my web site I do not 
have to pay the Etsy final value fees.  That
is about it!  Now that I've cleared that up
for are a few new treasures that
I have just listed.  If anything strikes your
fancy, just stop on over and see me!  Shop
links are in the sidebar!

Love this antique yardlong print!

This French lady print is gorgeous!

This porcelain bisque vanity set is so pretty!

I love vintage Italian florentine!

Another yardlong print...this one is by Mary Hart
and it's abit worn.  I called it "shabby decayed".
I love it!

Everyone loves a sparkling chandelier!

Have a great day!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Reunited...and it feels so good!

Today I thought that I would share a cute story
 with you all...the case of the reunited shades!

A little over a year ago I fell in love with this
adorable lampshade on Etsy and purchased it
from a lovely seller than I have known for years.
The delicate, floppy ruffles and pretty lace
totally sold me along with the fact that it was
the most pretty shade of pale pink!  I could
not wait to make it mine!

A year passed and it was still sitting on my shelf.
I needed to find the right lamp for it and it had
taken a back seat to all of my other projects.
I decided, after searching around my city, to visit
Etsy again to see if I could find a cute little lamp.

As I was scouring through the pages, I did a double
take and clicked back one page.  Umm...there was
my lampshade.  What the heck?  I contacted the
seller, who lived in Canada, and it turns out that
she had made the lampshade almost two years
ago, but now she was going to sell it.  She had sold
its mate on Etsy to someone about a year and
a half ago and yes, you guessed it, that was my
first pink shade that I purchased.  So...between
two sellers (and a few years!), both of these
adorable lampshades are back together
again...just as they should be!

Now I guess I need to find two lamps!

Let the fun begin!