Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY: Making Your Own "Bling" Jeans

Today I am going to share a little post with you on how to
embellish your own jeans.  I rarely do DIY posts as I'm not
really into "crafty" things these days, but when the rare
occasion pops up, it's time to share!

I have been wanting a pair of embellished jeans for quite
some time now, but I absolutely refuse to pay the price
for them!  I saw a pair the other day that I loved, but they
were $140.  Yes, you read that right.  I don't think so!

Now if you are a woman under 30, you can get away with
an awful lot!  If you are a woman over 30 (and in my case)
quite a bit older, then in all reality, you do not need
that much bling on your butt!  Some of those jeans out
there are way least for me!

So with a cute pair of boyfriend crop jeans from Apt. 9
at Kohl' I will need jeans (obviously),
lace, buttons, sequins, fabric glue and a needle and
thread for attaching any buttons, etc.

I had this pretty lace trim that I wanted to use because I
wanted to make my jeans more "pretty" and less "blingy"
if that makes any sense.  Now it was time to figure out
where to put the lace on the pockets.  I tried seeing how
it looked going through the middle of the pockets...

At the very top edge of the pockets...

And then settled on putting it just under the line of
stitching on the pockets.  I just didn't like it on the very
top edge, but that is entirely up to you and what you
think looks best!

I bought this fabric glue at Hobby Lobby to use for this
project.  I have never used it before, but it had all of the
qualities I was looking for so I decided to give it a go.  It
dries clear and it states that your articles of clothing can
be washed so we'll see how it goes after I try to wash them!

The next thing I did was to measure and cut two pieces of
lace for the pockets.  I didn't want the ends to fray, so I
cut them about 1/4" larger than the pockets so I could fold
them over and tack them down.

The next step was to iron the lace, fold over the edges
and pin the pieces on the pockets to see how they looked.
The edges look a bit off in the pictures, but I swear in
person it looks even.  I don't know how the camera picks
up that stuff!  I fixed the edges a little bit and off I went
to the next step...

I spread the fabric glue down on the jeans and then pressed
the lace down and held it for a few moments.  I was quite
surprised at how firmly it seemed to hold the lace, but I
still wanted to take a needle and thread and tack down
the edges on both sides of each pocket.

I then added (and I'm sorry for this lousy picture!) a cute
blingy shank button to the center of each pocket along
with some pink sequins.  I used the fabric glue for the
sequins so I hope they stay put.  It says right on the bottle
that the glue can be used for sequins so we'll see.  It has
been quite awhile since I held a needle and thread in my
hand and I was quite proud of my accomplishment with
the button...until I cut the thread on the back, admired
my handiwork and realized that I had sewn right through
the pocket rendering my pocket useless!  Yes, way to go!
A seam ripper does come in mighty handy...yes it does!

So here is the end result...lace on the pockets, a rhinestone
button in the center, little pink rhinestone sequins on the
lace and a few little rhinestones on the actual jean material.  Of course you can do whatever suits your fancy!  The great thing is that the possibilities are really endless with this type of project.

The end result and if they hold up after being washed,
well great!  If not, I'm not out least I'm not
out $140 for a silly pair of jeans!

If any of you have done this type of project, I'd love to
hear what type of glue/adhesive you used to hold your
embellishments in place and how well it worked.

Thanks for dropping by today.
I hope you enjoyed my post!