Thursday, December 20, 2012

Final Post - Utah Festival Of Trees

If you've been following my blog lately you will have seen several posts on
the Utah Festival of Trees.  Here are the last few pictures for you to enjoy.
I had quite a few more pictures, but I am going to admit to you that I am
actually a little tired of seeing Christmas decor.  I think I over saturated
myself!  (*_*)  So here are the last few snippets of Christmas decor for
the 2012 season...enjoy!

Pretty tree with matching cozy decor...

I thought that this "Drama Queen" tree with the Justin Bieber
cardboard cutout in the front was kind of funny!

This was a really clever display depicting "Joy To The World"...with
snowmen fashioned out of world globes.  Isn't that a neat idea!

If you know anything about sports and Utah, you will recognize the
significance of this "Rivalry" display between BYU and The University of Utah!

The last display I want to leave you with is this adorable little Charlie Brown
Christmas tree and sled with Snoopy inside.  I have been hearing the theme
for the old Charlie Brown's Christmas tv special on the radio lately while I've
been in my car and I just love it.  I can just see Charlie Brown walking
through the snow with his little pathetic tree.  (*_*)

Thanks for joining me today.

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Final Jewelry Cabinet Reveal

This is a follow-up post to my last post on my jewelry cabinet.  I was able to
get down to one of my favorite stores the other day to pick up the last few
pieces that I needed to finish off my project.  I love the look of this now...
nothing cluttered on the top.  It looks so much better don't you think?!

TA-DAAA!  Here it is, it's all finished.  Now everything has a place!

All of my necklaces are hung up so I can see them...

My bracelets all have places to hang, my rings are all in place and I
bought a cute little black metal chandelier that holds long earrings...

All of my pearl necklaces are now hidden away in a drawer...

Hoop earrings and other bits and pieces are tucked into another drawer.
There is another tray under this one that holds my smaller earrings.

The finished product!

I love the outside of this piece and now I'm equally happy with the inside.
It's so much better to have something pretty, yet practical, instead of
having a piece that houses a bunch of STUFF that I never look at!

I hope you've enjoyed my little project.
Thanks for stopping by...


Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Crown Jewels - A Work In Progress!

Today I'm going to share with you a little project that I have been working
on this weekend.  My jewelry (hence the title of my post!) has been slowly
and surely taking over my bedroom.  I have things on the top of my dresser,
on my secretary, in drawers and everywhere else!  I mean seriously, look at
that mess in the above photo.  If you are like me, if you can't see it, you
don't wear it.  I have limited space in our bedroom and just didn't know what
my solution was going to be.  Then it hit me...bazinga!  (*_*)

My lovely old secretary in our bedroom has been holding all sorts of treasures,
but there was one problem with it...I never, and I mean never, opened the
doors so you couldn't even see all of the STUFF inside anyway...why not turn
it into my jewelry cabinet?  Okay, a big jewelry cabinet, but a place to store
my jewelry just the same.  I love all of my little treasures inside, but they were
starting to bug me...I never saw them, so what would be the difference?

Everything came out and it is now sitting in a big box!

Here is the travesty that is on the top of my dresser!
Geez...what is all of that stuff?

Here is a little book that came out of the secretary.  My cousin was selling
one like this in her Etsy shop and it had sold, so I searched Ebay and found
one just like it and bought it.  I love it...I just had to share it with you...

Now that it's all cleaned out, I started to put my things inside.  I have some
really nice black velvet jewelry holders for necklaces and bracelets.  They
were purchased at "Happy Super Asian Store"...actually, the name of the store
is "Asian City", but that is just my nickname for it.  If you were to ever go
there you would quickly figure out why it is both HAPPY and SUPER!  (*_*)
I could do an entire post on that is kind of a danger zone with me!

I have quite a few long necklaces so I simply doubled up the chains, hung
them on the necklace holder and stood it up inside the top shelf.  Kind of
a lot of bling going on there isn't there!  Don't will notice a theme
when you see more pictures!  I think I am a "bling" girl.  I never really
noticed it until I saw my stuff all together like this!  My goodness!

I love these bracelet holders.  They look so elegant, they can hold
alot and they are very inexpensive...under $5 each.

In case you were getting any ideas of repelling down the side of my house
and robbing my "crown jewels"...I'll put that idea out of your head right now.
Most of my pieces are total costume jewelry and cost less than $5 and $10.
See...I told you, it's not worth it, darn it!  (*_*)

I do need to get a few more holders like a black velvet ring holder, a few
earring holders to get my earrings off the shelf, another velvet necklace
holder for the top right hand side and maybe another holder for more
bracelets.  I didn't know I had so many silly bracelets!

At least things are starting to get organized!  It will look abit better once I
get it all done.  Those vintage pink satin boxes hold my pearl necklaces and
other bits and pieces that I wear.

It looks so pretty when the doors are shut.  None of that stuff will be sitting
there on the top...maybe just a nice bouquet of fresh roses...that's it!

Well there's a beautiful unmade bed in the background!  Let's just
pretend that it's supposed to look really "shabby" know, the unmade look! dresser is almost cleared off with the exception of that necklace
holder on the left hand side there.  I'll have to find another home for that.  It
all looks so much better without so much clutter!  I'll be sure to do a follow up
post when it's completely done.  Thanks for stopping by...


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas In Our Home

Today I thought I would share a few Christmas images from around our home.

This is our front room where our main tree is set up.  The tree has looked
like this for probably five years or so.  Even though I love it, I am getting
quite tired of it.  It just feels too poufy, fussy and pink for me these days.
I know, you can't believe what I'm saying right?  I am kind of known for
loving the color pink.  Too much of it is just starting to get irritating to me
for some reason!  I wonder what is up with that?  LOL!

Here is my coffee table decorated with a few Christmas pieces.  It feels like
too much STUFF...but I will admit that when I look at some of the other blogs
out there with all of the Christmas decor, I feel like my house is empty.  LOL!
Some ladies really do it up like crazy!  I love looking at it and I appreciate it,
but I just feel the need to simplify.  Maybe it's time to box up some of my
STUFF and just enjoy a more calm, uncluttered look.  The problem I have is
parting with my treasures.  Being in the antique business now for over 11
years, I have upgraded and upgraded and now have alot of pieces that I
just don't want to part with.  BUT...maybe they need a well deserved rest!

I love this little metal sleigh that I found at the thrift store several years ago.
I filled it with vintage looking ornaments and can you see the little gold
cherub perched in there...he's kind of overloaded and surrounded!

Here's a closeup shot...aren't they pretty!

I have been buying crowns off Etsy lately.  Okay, three vintage rhinestone
crowns, but it's a start!  I've always liked crowns and tiaras, like so many of
you do, but I find them to be quite expensive!  I started searching and found
three of them and paid well under $20 for each of them.  So that is my new
little obsession...searching for inexpensive little gems like these.  This one is
from a Beauty Pageant in Ohio from 1965 (so the seller said) and it even came
in this darling vintage pink jewelry box.  Pretty adorable if you ask me!

Here is my large coffee filter wreath that I made last winter.  It is pretty huge
and I used about 600 filters on it, but I wanted it to be really big and fluffy!
I trimmed it all too to give it a uniform look.  I absolutely love the way it
turned out.  I moved it to the inside of my front door for the holidays. 
Speaking of which, yes, I say "holidays" when it comes to, well, holidays and
when it comes to "vacation" as well.  We Canadians do's taken from
the British language and we are Commonwealth folk so we use alot of the
same expressions as the UK.  I am now on a tangent...LOL!

These beautiful silver glittered glass ornaments came from Tai Pan Trading
Company here in Salt Lake City.  If you don't have one near you...well, I
feel sorry for you!  Seriously's a super huge and just lovely home
decor warehouse type of store chocked full of gorgeous treasures!  I just
couldn't resist bringing two of these lovelies home with me.

Lastly, these beautiful tin angel wings came from Tai Pan Trading as well.  I
purchased two of them and have them hanging from my shadowbox in my
front room.  I love the way they look for Christmas, but I'll probably use them
somewhere in the house during the rest of the year too!

Thank you for joining me today.  I have a few more posts coming up that
will include more Festival of Trees pictures and some more pictures around
my home.  Have a wonderful day today!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Utah Festival Of Trees ~ Part 2!

Hello again!  Today is a continuation of my post on my visit to the Utah
Festival of Trees that took place about a week or so ago.  I hope you enjoy
my pictures and that they give you some inspiration this Christmas season!

The tree above was a smaller floor tree in vibrant PINK!  Wow!  It's even a
little bit too PINK for me!  I bet you can't believe I'm saying that!

This bouquet of paper pinwheel flowers caught my eye!  They looked so
pretty sitting in the large pink bucket beside the Christmas tree!

How about this adorable Frosty The Snowman tree?  I thought he was lovely!

I noticed that several of the trees this year had adorable little woodland
creatures tucked in the branches here and there.  I quite like them.  They
look so natural and sweet.

And of course this is the reason for the entire season now isn't it!

Candyland themed trees are quite popular and I just love them!

A closeup shot of some of the goodies adorning this beautiful tree...

This was a pretty purple and gold tree that had numerous beautiful angel
statues and figurines in front and on the lovely shelf behind.

Here is a lovely smaller floor tree with a Victorian style theme to it.

A parting shot of the beautiful old fur trimmed ice skates beneath the tree.
They remind me of the same skates in my friend, Jo-Anne Coletti's artwork.

Be sure to stop in again.  I have at least two more posts on the Utah
Festival of Trees.  Yes, I took alot of pictures, but everything was
just so lovely that I couldn't help myself!

Until next time,


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Tribute - Utah Festival Of Trees

Several days ago I was going to do a post on the 42nd annual Utah Festival
of Trees.  This event is an annual charity event where families, service groups
or just about anyone can enter a decorated tree and then all of the trees are sold
off and the proceeds are donated to Primary Children's Medical Center.  It is such
a worthy cause and many families choose to do tribute trees in honor of loved ones who have passed on.  I spoke to my friend Kaden about it last Friday after we had both been to the Festival on different nights.  Little did I know that this post would be my tribute to her as she was critically injured on Saturday morning in a violent rollover car accident.  She passed away on Monday morning...

Kaden, these trees are for you...

Pretty in loved girly girl things...

Another girly one for you...

I can just hear you commenting on this one...

You would have loved these trees for your little ones...

A snowbaby tree for your were an amazing Mother...

This entire tree is made out of crocheted thought that it
was amazing that I taught myself how to crochet...

This would have been your favorite tree...all decked out in combs, hair brushes
and little bottles of hairspray for you were my stylist for the past 15 years and
you loved cutting hair.  I went without a haircut for almost five months once
because you were off on maternity one can cut my hair like you...

A pink cupcake tree loved the good in cupcakes!

Rest in peace my dear sweet friend...

Until we meet again.