Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Safe Haven

Do you have a safe haven?  Is there one place in the entire world that you
feel absolutely safe, cared for and loved?  For many of us, that place is in
our own homes and it is for me as well.  But I have another safe haven where
I love to be and that place is at my Mother's house.

This is the bedroom that she completely redecorated for me when I went up
to visit her in Canada this fall.  She is one amazing lady!

Come on in!

My Mom spent many long hours redoing this room and selecting just the right
pieces to make this bedroom a real haven for me when I visited.  The pretty
hand painted nightstand is new.  Above it is a beautiful picture from the
Victorian Trading Company and above the bed is another piece from them as
well.  You can get your family name embroidered on a lace doily and have it
framed.  It turned out just beautiful!

A vintage Jessica McClintock lace dress graces the wall.
It was found at a favorite antique store.

She made sure that I had all of the comforts of home including this gorgeous
pintuck comforter set.  I can still feel it wrapped around me...so comfortable!

The pillows were glorious!  They were memory foam pillows and were
probably the most comfortable pillows I've ever slept on!

A lovely warm throw and a picture book made
me feel right at home.  This book is about Alphonse Mucha,
an art nouveau artist who is really popular.

Don't you just love this wrought iron settee?  It is quite heavy and Mom
found it at Pier One.  I love how the lush aqua cushion picks up the aqua
in the lady print on the wall to the left.

The gorgeous rose print above the settee was found at a thrift store and
she kept the original color of the frame to tie in with the dark walls.

This is the window seat where I spent many moments looking out my
home town below.  It's always so good to be home with family...

The late afternoon sun has left the room in a dusky glow and it's the perfect
time for curling up and reflecting on how lucky I am to have such an
amazing woman for my Mother.  She always makes it good to go home again...


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just Some Pretty Pics For You...

It's a relaxing Sunday afternoon around here so I thought I would snap
a few pics for you to enjoy.  These are pictures of one of my favorite
pieces of furniture, my secretary in our bedroom.  It's all hand painted
and has tons of gorgeous shabby wear.  Love the roses too...the real
ones!  They came from Costco yesterday and they just look so 
spring-like to me.  I hope you are enjoying your day!

Thanks for stopping by...


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Dash Of This And A Dash Of PINK!!!

Well the hub-bub of Christmas is over and a new year has begun.  I
enjoyed the holidays, but now it's time to get down to business!  I
have so many things I want to do in the new year and one of them
is to blog more.  We'll see if that happens.  I'm a sporadic blogger at
best.  I don't blog for popularity or for anyone else, I blog for me so
when the inspiration strikes me, I blog.  When it doesn't, well...you
can tell because my posts are abit spread out!  I hope that doesn't
stop you from coming back and reading my blog and enjoying a story
and a picture or two along the way.

One thing that I am still in love with is the color PINK.  I love it and
won't ever eliminate it from my decor.  I see the pictures of these
gals with their all white decor and think it's just so stunning and
beautiful, but it's just not for me.  I just couldn't do it!  Don't you
just love these pics of Betsy Johnson's pink apartment in New York?
I think they're fabulous.  I don't go that far, but I think it's truly
amazing and glorious!  Unfortunately, my husband would not think so
even though he is comfortable in our fairly feminine and pink home.
I have actually eliminated some of the pink over the past few years
and he has definitely noticed...there must have been a LOT to start with!

One thing that I love about Betsy's home is that there is alot of pink, but
she doesn't have alot of little knicknacks and stuff hanging around.  Also,
I love the pink with that mustard color...never thought I would, but I do!

This is Betsy's living room.  Pretty spectacular I'd say!

Here is another view of her bedroom and fabulous pink kitchen.  WOW!

What I'm trying to get at is this...don't let others influence you one way
or the other.  Do what makes YOU happy in your decor.  Not everyone
is going to agree with your choices, but hey, they don't have to because
they don't live with you!  Just try to get along with the people who do!

And with that being said, I going to go make myself a cup of tea
and found a pink teacup to put it in...and YOU have a great day!