Monday, January 31, 2011

A Favorite Statue

Today I thought I'd share with you a few pictures of
My Favorite Statue...

I purchased her from my dear friend Paula
who always has the prettiest things for me.

She is holding a little bird in her arms...

and I love how her dress looks like it is
blowing in the breeze...

She is 28" tall and very heavy.
She came from an old department store here
in Salt Lake City many years ago.

I love the round base too and the pretty
cream and light brown colored finish.

She fits in so nicely in my front room.

She knows she is home...


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few new treasures...

Well I've been as busy as a bee these past few days.
I don't know what has me all inspired, but I'm all for it!
This darling vintage Lefton cherub has just been
added to our Vintage Finds Boutique!

This pretty vintage tissue box has been added as well.

I will be adding new treasures to the web site all week.
I don't have to go shopping for six months, I have
so many things to list!

Keep checking back, you never know what you might find!

Have a lovely afternoon!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

A rose by any other name...

So here they sit...all beautiful and pretty...just waiting...

Out of their wrapper, they are a sight to behold,
They were whispering my name as I walked by...

I could not leave them there,
For they were light cream, with a tinge of green
and the most beautiful pink...

Up close they did not even seem real...

And now they grace four glass vases...

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

~Shakespeare...& Stacy~

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Drum roll please....we have a winner!

A big thank you to all of you ladies out there who entered my first blog giveaway of the new year.  I've made some new friends, got reacquainted with some old ones and I've discovered along the way that I have a lot of "lurkers" out there in blog land!  I plan on having a giveaway every month this year so be sure to visit often for your chance to win something nice...and of course, to find out what's going on in my little corner of the world!

But there can only be one winner (darn it!) and a random number was generated by that handy dandy little gadget on the internet alot of us use and that number is...

That's right folks...#12 is the lucky winner and that gal is...

Suzie Button of Dallas, TX!!!

Congratulations and way to go Suzie!  (*_*)

Please send me your mailing information Suzie and I will send off your lovely books as soon as I hear from you!  I sure hope you like them and I thank you so much for entering!

I'd like to thank you every one of you for entering and for finding my blog!  I hope to see you around on a regular basis and I'm glad that I found some new blogs and friends out there too!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Blog Giveaway ~ Fantastic New Books!

Hello Ladies!

I thought I'd start the new year off right by having a wonderful giveaway for being such wonderful friends and followers.  What's up for grabs?  Two of the absolute best design books around and they are brand spankin' new and ready for you to get your hot little hands on!

The first book is the much anticipated design book by Carolyne Roehm entitled "A Passion for Interiors".  This is a huge, thick, glossy book with over 285 gorgeous pages and a retail value of $60.00.  It is beautiful and would make a fantastic coffee table book!  The second book is by everyone's favorite Southern gal Paula Deen and it is entitled "Savannah Style".  This book features Southern style decorating along with Paula's famous wit and charm.  The pictures and text in this book are really beautiful too.  You will love them both!  (*_*)

What do you have to do to win?

**Become a follower of my blog by clicking on the "following tab" on the right hand side of my blog.  See those pictures over there with all of the lovely ladies...they are following me and I want you to too!  (*_*)

**Leave a comment on this post saying that you've become a follower or that you already are one! 

That's it...that's all there is to it!  The deadline is January 18th, one week from today!  At the end of the day I will draw a random number and announce the winner on my blog.  I'll then get in touch with you for your address and send you your loot!

Good luck everyone!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ruffles, Roses & Glam Cowgirls ~ Spring Fashion 2011

Most of us are wanting spring...right now!  I was cruising around the web the other day looking at fashion blogs and fashion web sites to see what the designers have come up with for their spring collections.  Seeing what is "in" this spring has me all giddy and excited!  This year it's all about flowers, roses and ruffles and pure femininity is all the rage!  Take for example the picture above from the Ralph Lauren collection.  Can you say YUMMY!  Look at the detailing on the first little jacket, tons of ruching and lace!  The second long spring coat is just stunning...lovely blue gingham with lace ruffles around the sleeves, collar and hemline.  I am in love!

I love this look too with the long lace skirt and cowboy elements.  That is another look that is very popular this spring...Glam Cowgirl!  Love it!  It reminds me of Magnolia Pearl meets Junk Gypsy meets the Southwest!  So pretty with just a little bit of an edge!

This is another look for spring that I am absolutely wild about....fringe!  Check out the long lavender fringe dress and the fringe skirt with the lace blouse.  Long, flowy and feminine, but just a little bit wild and different!  Gorgeous!

Love these fresh pastel floral outfits!  Florals are always popular in spring, but these ones are just a tad brighter than in the past.  The thing I love the best about this look...check out their shoes!  Fabric flowers have really been popular this past while on necklaces, brooches and on hair pieces, but now they are adorning shoes!  How much do I love this look?  A LOT!

Another fringed piece...a short fringed skirt with a Glam Cowgirl belt and choker.

More stunning floral outfits complete with flowers on their shoes.  I especially love the little dress on the right, although I think that the girl on the left (and maybe even the girl on the right) seriously needs to eat a hamburger or something!

A beat up leather Glam Cowgirl style hat.  There is something about an old weathered piece paired with a feminine piece such as this white blouse that is just so stunning!

So there you have it, a little spring fashion preview for all of you gals out there who are just itching for warmer weather and lighter, prettier clothes!  Keep dreaming, spring will come!

Until next time, ~Stacy~

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas at the Stewarts ~ Part 3

I love having a pastel tree.  A green tree just wouldn't cut in our house because of the color scheme.  Maybe I'll go back to one in the future, but for now this suits me just fine!

I love this stunning Venetian mask that I purchased at Anastasia's Attic in South Jordan, Utah.  It lends such a festive and different look to the top of the tree.  And of course, the pink doesn't hurt either!

Victorian style angels, glittery ice skates, pink light bulb covers, pretty ribbon and pastel garland make the tree a pastel wonderland.  Anything pink, pretty and pastel will do!

I have a bunch of sweet little ornaments that are from a Marie Antoinette style collection that I purchased at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  I have several of the pieces that include a jewelled table, bed, mirror, chairs and even a little Marie Antoinette doll.  My favorite ornaments are the large round pastel glass ones that are pictured above.  They are so yummy looking...they look good enough to eat!  I only have four of them...I wish I would have purchased more!

Here is one of the sweet little chairs that I was talking about...isn't it adorable!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.  Stay tuned for my next post that will wrap up all of my holiday decorating pictures.  Thanks for stopping by!  ~Stacy~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas at the Stewarts ~ Part 2

I snapped some pictures one evening of the tree in our front room. I love the way it glows with most of the other lights off in the house and I especially like how it reflects in the living room window. So pretty! I had to get inventive with my tree topper this year. The angel that I usually put up there just did not want to stay kept toppling off head first! So...I used this pretty pink feathered Venetian mask that I purchased a little while ago and I think it looks quite lovely! The next batch of pictures will show the tree and ornaments during the daytime. Stayed tuned for my next post in a day or so! I hope you all had a very Happy New Year! ~Stacy~