Monday, February 27, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial...Sort Of!

So I have become slightly obsessed with coffee filter wreaths...looking at pictures
of them that is!  With my Pinterest obsession (another obsession...sheesh!) it
is easy to find tons of lovely pictures of these gorgeous wreaths along with
great tutorials on how to make them.  I also went to my favorite boutique a few
weeks back and they had the most GLORIOUS white coffee filter wreath hanging
in a display.  I decided that it was time to give it a go!

Because there are so many tutorials out there, this isn't going to be a regular
tutorial as such, but rather I'll give you just a few hints that I found to be
extremely helpful.  I actually combined hints from several tutorials to make it
work right for me.  I found a lot of time saving hints.  Oh look on the left hand
side, the cardinal sin for photographers...the photographer in the mirror...what
a loser!  (*_*)  Anywho...

For my wreath, well, I wanted it big!  What is that expression..."go big or go
home"...well, yes...I followed that rule of thumb!  I started with an 18" straw
wreath form that I found at my local Hobby Lobby store.  You can use any form
obviously, but I wanted a strong one because I was going to make it rather large.

Next I went out and bought no less than 600 white coffee filters, the basket
type, not the cone type.  Yes...I did say 600!  Most tutorials out there use
around 200 - 300 filters...not this cowgirl!  I wanted it thick and big, not
skimpy!  I loathe skimpy!  (*_*)

You can see in this picture how densely the filters are packed in.  I started with
the row in the center of the wreath where the middle hole is to get it going and
then another row around the very outside edge.  I wanted to make sure that the
these two rows looked uniform.  Then I just glued in rows from the outside time I would glue in rows from the inside out.  I think it would be easier because as you go along, the rows get more and more packed in and it's harder to work toward the inside edge.  A few tips that I found to be VERY helpful are...

Do NOT fold your filters.  I see alot of tutorials doing this and I couldn't figure
out why they folded them in a fan shape. What a lot of extra work!  What I did
is this...find a thick sharpie felt pen in your know, the thick ones
that are about four inches long or so.  They have a black lid and then a small
little round area on top about the size of a pinky fingernail...take
the end of the sharpie, grab your coffee filter and just put the end right in the
center of your pen and with your other hand in one smooth movement gather
the entire coffee filter down around the filter, put a pea sized dollop of hot glue
on the end and then attach it to your wreath.  No folding, no fooling around, it
is SO EASY this way!  I attached my filters in uniform rows and did not leave
any space between the filters.  Some tutorials leave 1" or 2" between each
filter while gluing it on.  I did not, I jam packed them in there and the result
was really amazing...remember, I did say almost 600 filters were used!

I also added some ribbon for decoration.  Mine has wide white organza, pink
silk, crinkled seam binding ribbon and a fabric flower in the center to tie it all in.
I didn't hot glue this on, I pinned it in case I want to move it around or put a
different decoration on it altogether.

A closeup of my ribbon and flower...

In this picture you can see how dense the wreath is.  The end result was pretty
uniform, but I did spend some time trimming the entire wreath with sharp craft
scissors to make it look even better!  See how lovely it looks and no folding
required to give it that cool, wavey look!

I will tell you that by using a sharpie to attach each filter, I did not burn my
fingers once!  That is worth it right there!  I did see this idea on someone's
tutorial, but I have no idea where I saw it so if this is your idea, write me
and I'll give you credit.  It's a really great idea!

Another thing...if you are going to use almost 600 filters like I did, be prepared
for it to take you awhile.  Those gals who say they can turn one of these out
in a few hours are definitely NOT!  Okay, they may be able to, but those are
the tutorials where they are using 200 or so filters.  Granted I did not work on
this straight through, but I'll bet it took me a good eight hours or more when
I did work on it.  It took me a weekend of working off and would be
a good tv or movie watching project!

And here is my end result...a huge, fluffy white wreath for my wall.

I can't wait to make another was really fun and it cost
me under $10 to do the entire thing!

Hope you enjoyed...


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mr. Cherub Is All Decked Out!

This year I have been abit lazy with my Valentine's Day decorating.
This is kind of strange for me seeing as how I have so much pink stuff
hanging around this house!  So I got to it and decked out my sweet
crackled cherub that I purchased I need another statue...

I bought him at Tai Pan Trading Company and if any of you are fortunate
enough to have one of those stores near you (there aren't very many,
only a handful) then you know what I'm talking about.  This guy is over
two feet tall and he is made out of heavy ceramic.  I just love him!

I added all sorts of ribbon and things to bling him up!

Here is a vintage three strand pearl necklace and some really wide pink
ribbon with wired edging ~ love that stuff, it's so great for bows!

I also added some pretty crinkled seam binding ribbon and some cream
grosgrain ribbon.  The little necklace of sorts that you see in the very
center is actually off a belt buckle that I found at the thrift store.  I just
took it off the belt and added a piece of pink ribbon to it for hanging.
You can find all sorts of great belts at the thrift store for only a dollar
or two and they always have lots of bling on them!

I added some of my own bling too...a crystal encrusted heart necklace
and an angel wing necklace which I absolutely LOVE ~ I have earrings too!

So here it is all together...kind of a mixed up menagerie, but I think
it looks pretty cute for Valentine's Day  (*_*)

He's all ready for February 14th!

And of course I couldn't resist showing a parting shot of his cute little wings...

I hope you enjoyed the pictures...