Thursday, April 24, 2008

Southern Living

I came across this lovely Southern Living magazine the other day and thought that it looked interesting. I really enjoy this magazine when I purchase it and this is a special entertaining issue with articles featuring Sandra Lee, the Queen of "Semi-Homemade". Now most of you can probably already tell why I wanted to read this article. It's plain and simple ~ her kitchen is adorable! I don't know if it's actually HER kitchen or if it's on a set, but it sure is cute. Have you ever noticed how many gals out there who love the style of decor that we do have a pink Kitchen Aid mixer in their kitchen?! I confess, I do! I don't use it a lot, but boy it sure looks lovely sitting on my countertop. My hubby bought it for me for Christmas about four years ago and it is so pretty! I also have a pink Cooks crock pot from JC Penney that goes really well with the Kitchen Aid pink appliances. My crock pot ~ I use it a lot!

This issue has some really lovely decorating and tabletop ideas as well as mouthwatering looking recipes. This is the March/April issue so it will most likely be taken off the shelves soon. There is a triple lemon cake that I am itching to try ~ so much for the diet! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo

Monday, April 14, 2008

Those Adorable Blythe Dolls!!

I recently became enchanted with Blythe dolls and thought that I would share a little bit with you about them and their origin. These adorable wide eyed dolls were originally created in 1972 for the toy company, Kenner. Due to a lack of interest, these dolls were only sold for a period of one year in the United States in 1972.

Thirty years later, Blythe dolls started making a popular comeback due to a photographer, Gina Garan, who carried her Blythe doll with her and photographed her in various places around the world. Blythe dolls are now licensed in Japan where they are largely sold to adults as charming collectibles, but they have a huge following around the world. There is an entire sub-culture on the internet devoted to Blythe dolls. There are two types of Blythe dolls ~ the "NEO" Blythe's and the Petit Blythe's. Only NEO Blythe's have color changing eyes that include the colors of blue, orange, green and pink and this occurs by pulling a string on the back of the doll's head.

Blythe dolls are widely available on Ebay and one can purchase a vast array of clothing, accessories and even wigs for your Blythe doll. Customized Blythe dolls are also hugely popular and they can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over five hundred dollars. I just saw one on Ebay going for over $600.00 and that auction had not even ended. An original Kenner Blythe doll can sell for several thousand dollars.

There is something adorable and sweet about these charming dolls. They are so unqiue and innocent looking. For more information on Blythe dolls, do a quick search on Ebay and the web and you will come up with hundreds of options and listings. Maybe you'll see one you just can't live without! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo

*I do not take credit for these photos. They are shared ones from Flickr.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Roses and more Roses!

Hello Friends ~ Well, I've been busy listing today. I have just finished putting on some of the loveliest rose inspired items and I have so many more to list including more rose paintings, a fabulous antique German roses canister set and lots more. It's going to be busy until I go away on the 30th of April. I am trying to get alot done before then ~ there always seems to be so much to do, but I am looking so forward to flying home to Canada for three weeks to see Mom and my family and friends!

Nothing much else is new here in Utah. The weather is freezing out, but this weekend we are going to have a complete turnaround and we are going to hit 80 on Monday...or at least, we are supposed to! Won't that be a treat! Hubby went outside today and did some yard work, but I stayed indoors and took pictures. The wind was just too cold for me! Tomorrow it's more work and listings, going to the gym, taking a large package to Fedex...odds and ends...bye for now gals! ~Stacy~ xo

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Amazing Boutique Sale!

Hello Ladies ~ just a note to let you know that we're having an amazing sale in all of our Boutiques right now so check them all out to find a special "reduced price" treasure!

I will be out of town for a few days from Sunday evening until Monday evening. Monday is my birthday so we are going out to the desert for a day to Wendover, Nevada, to the casino's. We have a great jacuzzi suite...should be fun! (*_*)

On another note, I am working on bringing a new line of treasures to the web site for June! I am so excited about these gorgeous pieces and I sincerely hope it all works out. Wish me luck girls!!

Until next time, ~Stacy ~ xo