Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Roses

Today was grocery shopping day at Costco.  I always look forward to
going in, not that I love grocery shopping, but to look at their beautiful
roses and see if there are any that I want to bring home.  I usually come
out with a bunch.  It's one of the only ways that I stay sane in the
winter...having fresh roses!

These are the ones that I picked up today.  Don't you just love the
colors.  They look so airy and spring-like!  I wish that it was spring!

Here I am separating them into different colors to see how many I
have of each color.  I also strip any leaves off that will be below the water.

Now they are being separated into four different bunches.

I brought out three clear vases and one small antique cream jug.  I am
loving clear glass vases these days, but I thought I would mix it up a little
bit with this sweet floral jug.  I am also making my bouquets shorter instead
of leaving the roses long stemmed.  It's just a personal preference that I am
quite's just something different for a change.

The end vase for the dining room table, one for the family
room, one for the main hallway bathroom (the little jug) and the small
clear vase for on my nightstand.

I do love my roses!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet Etsy Purchases

Just a short little post today to show you a few sweet purchases that I
made on Etsy in the past week.  I purchased this lovely petite Madonna
figurine a few days back.  In my post below I showed you my other
Madonna figurines on my front table and now I have this sweet little
one to add to my collection.  This is a Tilso piece that is made in Japan
and it is made out of porcelain bisque.

Now I have three of these lovelies in pretty peachy pink.
Does three make it a collection?  I think so...

The other purchase I made this week is this absolutely divine vintage
pink ruffled lampshade.  It has tiers of delicate pink ruffles, gimp type
trim, a pink florette with lace and white lace trim on the bottom.  It
is a clip-on shade for a smaller lamp.  I adore it!  I purchased it from
Debbie of PurpleFlowerFairy on Etsy.  Check out her shop - she has
really pretty treasures.  Her weakness is lamps and lampshades...kind
of like yours truly.  I can't resist them!

That's it for now.  I don't buy alot these days, I tend to sell more than
buy, but I wanted to share these two new additions with you because
I love them so much and think they're so pretty!

Thank you for stopping by.  Leave me a little comment.
I'd love to hear from you today!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pretty Vintage Madonna Figurines

I recently changed out my front entry table (all of the Christmas stuff is
put away!) so I thought that I would share the changes with you today.

I love this long and very heavy vintage silver tray and I use it alot on my
front table to hold candles, flowers and other little bits and pieces that I
want to showcase.  It looks so pretty in any season.

I am trying to keep things a little more simple in my home, sometimes it
works and sometimes it doesn't!, but hey, I'm trying!  I love these mercury
glass style candle holders and have them out quite abit so I thought that
I would just add a few simple pieces for a calm, wintery look and I think
that these pretty Madonna figurines fit in very nicely.

This is a little vintage Lefton figurine that I picked up at an antique store.
I love the cream and peachy pink colors and the facial details are so well
done.  It looks so lovely at night when the candles are lit.

Here is another Madonna figurine that I love.  She has the same colors as
the other one and she is permanently attached to the little velvet pillow.

Religious statues and figurines seem to be quite the rage these days.  I
have always associated them with the Catholic faith, but even though I am
not Catholic, I think that they are so pretty and add a calming look and
feel to my home.  I am still waiting to find a large Madonna statue that I
love and that I can afford!  There are plenty for sale out there, but alot
of the larger ones are really pricey!

I picked up a little bundle of vintage cards at the thrift store one day.
Most of them were not to my liking, but I did love this one.  The entire bag
cost me one dollar for about 30 cards so it was worth it for this one card
that I kept.  I think it's so pretty!

Thanks for coming along today.

I hope you enjoyed my front table decor...


Monday, January 21, 2013

A Bit Of Beauty For Monday

Today I'm sharing a little bit of beauty from around my home.  It's another
frosty day here in Utah so it's the perfect time to stay indoors and
enjoy what's around me.  I hope you are warm where you are...

This is a newer heavy concrete statue that I picked up this fall when my
Mom and I were out shopping.  I picked up the vintage tiara from an Etsy
shop and the roses are from Costco.  I like to try and have fresh roses
in the house in winter and Costco is the best place to get them!

This urn was was originally gold, and I do have alot of gold in my home,
but I decided to paint it cream.  I added some gilding as well and it really
brought out the pretty swags around the sides.

I am really into crystal and glass right now.  I picked up these cute votive
holders at a great shop in Canada called Bowring.  They have the best
stuff and these were on clearance after Christmas.

This is a little busy for me, but I like it.  It originally started with the rose
tray that I picked up at Bowring as well, but I wanted to add tons of
candles to it for bright cheery look.  I purchased the large pink and silver
candle holders at Tai Pan Trading Company and had all of the clear and
crystal candle holders on hand.  More Costco roses on the all
kind of exploded!  Oh well!


I just love these large candle holders!

I also LOVE this is covered in pink roses!

It's so nice to have cheery roses when it's so cold outside.
I love the colors of these ones!

My little birds are living under this dome for a little while...

This gorgeous teapot (also from Bowring) matches the resin try
on the table.  There were also matching mugs and cups, but they
were all sold out!  Total bummer!

And last, but not least, this pretty "Keep Calm" box is a favorite of mine.
It contained a candle inside and I purchased it at Home Goods.  I love
that store!  The little crown is actually a Christmas tree ornament, but
I keep it out year round.  The large crown is my tree topper that I found
at Hobby Lobby this year.  I'm going to keep this out all year too!

I hope you are having a wonderful day whatever you are doing!

Thanks for coming along today!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite New Blogs!

Well, it's a new year so it's time to get some fresh inspiration for the days ahead!
I recently found some "new to me" blogs that I just love so I thought that I'd
share them with you today!

The first blog that I want to share with you is

I first discovered this fabulous blog by clicking on a link somewhere out there in
blog land and I'm so glad that I found it.  Jacqueline lives here in Utah so I
recognized a few things in her posts and I soon became addicted to her fabulous
blog.  She is an amazing cook and baker and she is also an expert at making the
most beautiful tablescapes that you have ever seen!  She also shares her love of
decorating her home (which is just gorgeous!), her crafting projects and also her
travels and family life.  If you are looking for inspiration in the baking and decorating departments, then click on the link above to go to Jacqueline's wonderful blog home.  Believe me, you will become immersed in her world
and before you know it you will have spent several hours browsing through
all of her wonderful posts and pictures!

The second blog that I want to introduce you to is

I don't know what rock I have been living under, but a Facebook friend of mine
introduced me to Vanna's beautiful blog (thank you Darlene Clement!) and I have
been smitten ever since!  Vanna shares her home decor and her fabulous finds on
a weekly basis.  Her style is French and Shabby and I must say that I fall in love
with almost every single one of her new found treasures that she showcases.  Her
style is really "me" and I think that is why I gravitate to her blog so much.  Plus,
she is a real sweetheart to boot so what's not to like?!  Click on the link above
to visit Vanna and her wonderful world!

The final blog that I am introducing to you today is

I am really in love with this makeup, hair and fashion blog.  I wouldn't usually
showcase a blog like this, but I got hooked on Kate and her hair tutorials on
Pinterest.  You may recognize her from your Pinterest travels.  I'm usually all
about home decor, but after reaching a "certain age" ( 40's), I am
finding that it is easy to get stuck into a beauty/hair rut and just do the same
thing day in and day out!  I love her makeup reviews and tutorials and her
hair tutorials on Youtube are just the best!  She has taught me how to use a
curling wand to have those nice beachy messy waves instead of having curling
iron "sausage curls" and that has been worth it right there let me tell you!  (*_*)
I feel like my look has been so updated just by changing my hair a little bit.
So click on the link above and take advantage of Kate's expertise...after all, we
can all use a little bit of help/advice in the beauty department don't you think...
even if we don't want to admit it (*raising my hand here*)!

Thanks for coming along with me today.

  I hope you find beautiful inspiration
at all three of these wonderful blogs!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!

May 2013 be your best year yet!

Blessings to you all!