Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!

This morning I am up early, well...early for me! I have to get things going on the stove for the potato salad I am making for this evening. The family is coming over and we are have a BBQ and then we'll be shooting off fireworks. July 4th is always sort of a different day for me. Americans celebrate their independence all across the country and it's such a wonderful thing. I get caught up in it all and feel happy to live in such a fabulous country. Here's the tricky part...I am Canadian and I am actually very proud of my British heritage and being part of the British Commonwealth. Having a Queen is still very important to me. I guess it all depends on where you grew up and what you are used to. Without getting too political, sometimes I do wonder about independence from the Commonwealth. Really, in Canada, the Queen is pretty much just a figurehead these days, but we all still adore her. Most of us anyway! Just don't get me started on Prince Charles...that's a topic for another day! I hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you are doing! Happy 4th! ~Stacy~ xo

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