Thursday, December 22, 2011

An "Early" Christmas Tree

This is kind of a funny little post...

Some of you may recall that I spent five wonderful weeks at my Mom's
house back in Canada this fall.  We haven't spent a Christmas together
for 14 years now and when we get together we always seem to get up
to a caper or two.  (*_*)  Seeing as how we were going to be miles apart
at Christmas, we decided to decorate one of her trees together while I was
still there.  Yes, it was the middle of October, but so what!  LOL!   We did
up her little white tree in her's away from prying eyes and from
people who might overwise think we were totally insane to have a tree up at
that time of the year.  As it was, my brother walked up the stairs while we
were trying to put it up incognito...he thought we were really ridiculous I'm sure!

My Mom's bedroom set is beautiful and it involves probably the caper of all time.
I purchased it for her at JCPenney here in Utah, stored it for awhile and then
my husband and I loaded it all up in the back of our truck (bed, two night
stands, a huge dresser and a matching mirror) and hauled it all the way to her
house 1000 miles away across the border into Canada.  I must tell you that I
think the border guard thought we were insane at this point.  But it was worth
it, it's so lovely and she had been looking for something special for a long time.

My Mom's house is so pretty and rather Victorian in her decor.
I love her Victorian settee by her comfy and pretty!

It helps to have a cosy fireplace to curl up beside in the winter!

So there you have it, a tree in October, decorated with love by a
Mother and daughter who are miles apart at Christmas...



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas To You!

Here is our front entry table all decked out and waiting to
greet friends and family as they come through the door.

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here!
Where has the time gone?

The sofa table decorated with a simple Christmas display.
Oh how I love my statues!

And yes, there is a tv in the background.  This is a real house
with real stuff hanging hiding it!

This little sleigh came from the thrift store and so did the ornaments.
Not too bad if I don't say so myself!  (*_*)

A view of our family/dining room.

I adore our china has a matching table and chairs too!

Another you can see I have my classic Christmas movies
sitting in the background waiting to be watched and my crochet
work waiting to be worked on.  It's just a day in the life around here.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thank you all for being a part of my blog this year.  I hope to be a
little bit better blogger in the new year, as in blogging more often.
We'll see how that plays out!

Happy Holidays!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Here is a little glimpse of my tree this year.  I was going to try and go
simple this time, but it didn't quite work out.  I actually really love all
of my decorations and didn't feel like buying new ones so all of the "old"
ones got thrown on.  I like to put things on the tree from around the
house too...just little items that I love and that will "go" with all of my
pinkness.  I hope you enjoy...

My angel never wants to stay on top without falling over so I use this
pretty pink venetian mask instead flanked with flowers and feathers.

I have several of these pretty pink feathery birds around my home.  I
found them at Michael's a few years back and I love them because they
have little clips on the bottom.  I love their long tails!

More pretty pink and white ornaments.

A sweet little vintage drum with silver glitter.

Marie Antoinette's settee...

A sweet vintage pink safety pin basket.

Dream a little dream...

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas
and a happy New Year!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Angelina Wrona Artwork Collecton ~ Last Picture

For some reason my first post on Angelina's artwork cut off this picture.  Can
a post be too large?  Who knows!  Anyway...this is my last picture and this
one is called "Remembrance" and I feel sorry for this poor girl.  I wasn't going
to purchase it, but there is something so sweet and melancholy about it. 
Notice the teeny spider on the tree branch...

If this artwork is too creepy for you, hey, I hear you!  But if you are interested
in her artwork, her web site is  You can purchase her
work there.  My prints were quite expensive as they are gallery originals and
are mounted on hardboard and professionally framed etc.  If you are looking for
a less expensive way to go, you can find her work at  I
actually  just purchased another one and just got the poster this time.  It
arrived today!  It is of a dark haired little girl holding a lamb and it is entitled
"Clarice"...very interesting....

I hope you have enjoyed my little collection and seeing something new.

Have a great day!


My Angelina Wrona Artwork Collection

While most of you are blogging about Christmas, I am going to venture
a little bit over to the "dark" side and share with you my growing collection
of Angelina Wrona artwork.  Angelina Wrona is a Canadian artist from Ontario
who is growing in popularity and I can see why.  Her images are whimsical and
haunting and even a little bit macabre and they suit my personality just fine!

I hauled these originals all the way back from Canada.  I found them in an art
gallery there and I knew I was hooked!  My decor is so "antique and vintage"
and I am looking for a way to add more modern pieces so everything doesn't
look so "old".  I love these because they are sweet and slightly "dark", but
they don't stray too far from my love of romantic decor.    This lovely gal is
named "Eloise".  I just love her pink hair and the huge flower in it!

This print is entitled "Timide Lapin" which means "Shy Rabbit" in French.
See her adorable bunny ears on the top of her it.  This one
is my absolute favorite!  I love her!

This is a smaller print entitled "Resurrection".  Notice that the girl is wearing a
blue dress and is holding a white rabbit.  She looks pretty demonic with those
crazy eyes and she looks like a resurrected Alice In Wonderland to me!

In her biography, the artists says that she gets her inspiration from her
daughters and she began to realize and combine her delicate, dark subjects
with surreal twists and ideas. Blending Japanese anime, folk art and
representational styles to bring them to life, Angelina has created her
collection, which she affectionately calls the "Senta-Mental Dolls.  It
should also be known that Angelina used to work at a mental institution.
Hmmm...thus the word "Senta-Mental Dolls" perhaps?  Who knows...