Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Life In Bloom

We have all waited long enough for spring this year.  
My blog, as usual in the spring, has taken a back seat
yet again to the arrival of blooms and blossoms in my
yard.  My thoughts always turn to the outdoors when
warmer weather arrives...I have to be outside!

We planted these lovely trees along our park strip a
few years ago.  They are the gorgeous Japanese
Kwanzan flowering cherry trees...the ones that
herald the arrival of springtime in Japan and also
here in our own Washington, DC.

This is their third year and they are doing really well.
Eventually we plan on planting more of them along the
north park strip, but for now I am enjoying these three.

Their blossoms never cease to amaze me.  They are so
delicate and pretty.  They remind me of tissue paper that
has been formed into intricate little flowers and glued
onto the branches.

 They sway gently in the breeze and add such a
romantic look to the front of the house.  We often get
very strong winds here and I was afraid that they were
all going to get blown off a few times, but they stayed
strong!  Even so, they rarely last longer than a few weeks.

Until next year my sweet, lovely blossoms...