Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring Has Finally Sprung!

Spring has finally arrived in Utah! It took some time this year and we still have very unseasonal weather it seems, as in COLD weather, but as you can see from my photographs things are starting to brighten up!

I love the frothy pink and white blossoms that adorn this tree in our backyard. In the corner is our hot tub that we dip into several times per week. It is so relaxing and wonderful to lounge under the gazebo while sipping our favorite drinks...usually water or Diet Coke these days it seems!

Our gazebo on our back patio looks so bare! I need to get out there soon, get the roof on and haul all of our wicker furniture out of the barn, wash it off and get it all set up. I hang a chandelier in the center (yes, a working one!) and decorate the inside of the roof with garlands of flowers, fairies and other accessories. Notice the new french doors on our patio! We are so excited to have them this year. That has been a long time coming!

Along the side of our yard you will see two lilac bushes that are almost in full bloom. There are supposed to be SIX of them along the fence, but four of them did not make it when they were planted a few years back. I am waiting for the bushes to grow so I can get shoots from them.

Farther along there is an old rusty chair sitting in the dappled sunlight. It's a chair I picked up somewhere along the way and I love it for the rusty iron roses that are on the back. It sits near my climbing yellow roses and in a month or so the chair will be covered with roses! The chair stays out there all winter and even looks beautiful all stark and bare covered with newly fallen snow.

I will post more photographs once I get all of my "yard and porch decorating" done. I hope you are all enjoying a lovely spring day wherever you are! ~Stacy~