Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pretty Vintage Books

I admit it, I love vintage and antique books! The love must have come from my Dad who loved them too especially very old leather bound classics. I bought an entire set of old classics for him to read, but sadly enough he never opened a page from one of them before he passed away. He was thrilled that I had bought them for him though and was looking forward to reading all 45 volumes! He really loved to read! Maybe that is why I spent many a night of my childhood under my covers with a flashlight reading when I was supposed to be sleeping!

I purchased this charming old book off Ebay last week and I'm thrilled with it. I only have a few of these lovely old books with their pretty covers, but this one has a special meaning for me. Capitola is the name of my Grandmother who has long since passed away. The uncanny thing about this cover is that the girl on the front looked just like her with short hair and the scarf around her head. I almost couldn't believe it when I saw it. I am going to take my Grandparent's wedding photograph and display this book along side it somehow. It's funny how you run across something like this when you're not even looking for it. I have never even heard of anyone else with this name. My Grandmother was from Kansas and it will be interesting to see where this Capitola is from. Perhaps my Great Grandmother named my Grandmother after this book ~ who knows! The time frame is right. If you are interested in old books such as this, just do an Ebay search in the antique book section with the words "lady cover" or "pretty cover" or something along those lines. I have come up with plenty of interesting auctions using words similar to that. I wish you good luck in your search to find special treasures that speak to you!