Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Dose Of Pink!

Well, it's been exactly ONE month since my last post! I know that I've been missing in action as of late. The weather has turned warmer and I have been spending a lot of time outside in my yard with my flowers. The web site has been sorely neglected too, but I think that my huge dose of cabin fever has finally been satisfied a little bit with all of my outdoor pursuits.

As most of you know that read my blog, my favorite color is PINK! I love to cruise around the web looking for pretty photographs that I am allowed to share, so I usually visit Flickr for the best and most beautiful pictures of all. Here is a collection of pretty PINK photos for you to enjoy. I seem to be really into old pink vehicles lately. I especially love the little PINK Ford truck! I would love to have this in my yard to plant flowers around and I would heap up the truck bed with topsoil and plant flowers back there too! Wouldn't that be divine!

See the stunning pink blossoms...those are from Japanese Kwanzan double flowering cherry trees and I was lucky enough to purchase three of them at Lowe's recently to plant on our front park strip. We only need eight more for our side park strip and hopefully we will find them again at Lowe's when their next shipment of trees comes in. Aren't they incredible! When I go to visit my dentist, his office is tucked into a little orchard of these trees and if it's windy out, soft pink petals come floating down all around you as you stroll by. Now isn't this a much more pleasant thought than actually visiting the dentist! Enjoy the pretty PINKNESS! ~Stacy~