Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Today was finally a great day here in Salt Lake City, well, except for the air quality! The temps were in the mid 60's today and it really felt like spring except for the lovely smoggy layer that is hanging over the city. On the news tonight they said that we had the worst air quality in the nation today. Not something to be proud of that's for sure. It's a combination of temperature, geographic location and something else...can't remember the "something else"! Anyway, I suppose it will clear up in a few days. I hope's kind of gross!

Today we spent the majority of the day up at LDS Hospital. My sister-in-law and best buddy ever went in today for "female" surgery. All went well and the nice thing about this hospital is that it is the third highest ranked medical facility in the nation and everyone gets a private room! Very nice! Each room had it's own flat screen tv which was cool. They have very good service at this hospital and incredible doctors and staff. I would recommend it to anyone needing a top notch medical facility. The treatment is excellent!

I have been sick for the past week with a horrible cold and sore throat so I haven't been listing much on the web site. I hope to get at that again soon! I did list two absolutely gorgeous vintage table lamps in Vintage Finds that are just beautiful in person! I also went through my STUFF and listed a whole whack of stamps, etc. from my craft room. I used to be into stamping and scrapbooking big time and was even a Demonstrator for Stampin' Up!, but I quit after a short while. Selling things door to door and at parties is just not my type of thing. I am not a "hard sell" person like that at all. So...if any of you are interested, check out my ebay auctions (stacysshabbyshoppe) and you will see all sorts of cool stamps and stuff listed this week.

I am also trying to get ready for my Mom's visit. She will be here next weekend ~ the 17th. I am looking forward to that! I have to clean up this house and get her room ready. I am also going next Wednesday to get the "spring highlights" in my hair. I usually do that in spring when I'm ready for a change and ready to go lighter. It takes forever because my hair is quite long, but I love it and I rarely go to the salon for colors, etc. so it is always a treat. Then it will be a nice eight hour drive up to Missoula next Saturday to get Mom. It will be good to see my brother again even if it's only for the night. Love those quick turnaround trips!

So, that is about it. I am going to be making some changes on the web site soon. I am trying to streamline it abit and I always like playing around doing web site stuff. Keep tuned in for more great vintage treasures coming really soon. Have a great weekend and enjoy the blossoms above!

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