Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I was outside for a few minutes and thought I would snap some pictures of my garden statues. Things in the garden are just getting started around here. The tulips and daffodils are about 6" high and I still have to clean out all of my beds from the winter ~ they need to be raked out and cleaned up! We went to an auction last summer and loaded up on garden statuary which I am nuts about! These are a few from the front yard and I have several more around the back yard.

This cement wicker basket was one of the things I purchased. It has two sweet little cherubs perched on either side. This basket is actually quite huge ~ about three feet or more across and about two and a half feet high. It is very heavy and hard to pick up! I fill it with petunia's and other annuals and it looks gorgeous!

Here are two more ~ a cherub peeking out from the iris' and another bust type of head that looks like it's covered in moss. The last one is actually a newer piece. I love statues ~ they add so much to your garden decor! I can't wait for the plants and especially the roses to start doing their thing!

Tomorrow is hair day! Yeah! I am going to the salon to get my "spring highlights". I get highlights about twice a year and springtime is my favorite time to get spruced up and updated for the new season. Going lighter always makes me feel better ~ feels like I'm leaving drab old winter behind!

I should be listing some things on the web site tomorrow. This week is kind of busy getting ready for Mom's visit so web site listings have been abit sporadic! Once she is here things will get back on track and we will BOTH be out treasure hunting for you! Have a great day ~ wish me lots of luck with the hair! (*_*)

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