Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pretty Vintage Madonna Figurines

I recently changed out my front entry table (all of the Christmas stuff is
put away!) so I thought that I would share the changes with you today.

I love this long and very heavy vintage silver tray and I use it alot on my
front table to hold candles, flowers and other little bits and pieces that I
want to showcase.  It looks so pretty in any season.

I am trying to keep things a little more simple in my home, sometimes it
works and sometimes it doesn't!, but hey, I'm trying!  I love these mercury
glass style candle holders and have them out quite abit so I thought that
I would just add a few simple pieces for a calm, wintery look and I think
that these pretty Madonna figurines fit in very nicely.

This is a little vintage Lefton figurine that I picked up at an antique store.
I love the cream and peachy pink colors and the facial details are so well
done.  It looks so lovely at night when the candles are lit.

Here is another Madonna figurine that I love.  She has the same colors as
the other one and she is permanently attached to the little velvet pillow.

Religious statues and figurines seem to be quite the rage these days.  I
have always associated them with the Catholic faith, but even though I am
not Catholic, I think that they are so pretty and add a calming look and
feel to my home.  I am still waiting to find a large Madonna statue that I
love and that I can afford!  There are plenty for sale out there, but alot
of the larger ones are really pricey!

I picked up a little bundle of vintage cards at the thrift store one day.
Most of them were not to my liking, but I did love this one.  The entire bag
cost me one dollar for about 30 cards so it was worth it for this one card
that I kept.  I think it's so pretty!

Thanks for coming along today.

I hope you enjoyed my front table decor...



debi said...

Stacy, your figurines are so beautiful. I love their sweet, calming colors. It's always such a treat to see your pretty treasures!

The Porcelain Rose said...

Wonderful post!
Lovely treasures.
I especially like the pink box with the tiara/crown. I love (and collect) vintage and antique tiaras and crowns. I am a "bling" girl!
Everything is so pretty.
Thanks for sharing.
Will visit again soon.

Julie said...

Love these! I collect them as well, but have never seen them in that gorgeous peachy-pink. Mine are all in "Mary" blue (usually, Mary is depicted in blue robes. Don't know why and I'm Catholic).
Have a good weekend.