Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Crown Jewels - A Work In Progress!

Today I'm going to share with you a little project that I have been working
on this weekend.  My jewelry (hence the title of my post!) has been slowly
and surely taking over my bedroom.  I have things on the top of my dresser,
on my secretary, in drawers and everywhere else!  I mean seriously, look at
that mess in the above photo.  If you are like me, if you can't see it, you
don't wear it.  I have limited space in our bedroom and just didn't know what
my solution was going to be.  Then it hit me...bazinga!  (*_*)

My lovely old secretary in our bedroom has been holding all sorts of treasures,
but there was one problem with it...I never, and I mean never, opened the
doors so you couldn't even see all of the STUFF inside anyway...why not turn
it into my jewelry cabinet?  Okay, a big jewelry cabinet, but a place to store
my jewelry just the same.  I love all of my little treasures inside, but they were
starting to bug me...I never saw them, so what would be the difference?

Everything came out and it is now sitting in a big box!

Here is the travesty that is on the top of my dresser!
Geez...what is all of that stuff?

Here is a little book that came out of the secretary.  My cousin was selling
one like this in her Etsy shop and it had sold, so I searched Ebay and found
one just like it and bought it.  I love it...I just had to share it with you...

Now that it's all cleaned out, I started to put my things inside.  I have some
really nice black velvet jewelry holders for necklaces and bracelets.  They
were purchased at "Happy Super Asian Store"...actually, the name of the store
is "Asian City", but that is just my nickname for it.  If you were to ever go
there you would quickly figure out why it is both HAPPY and SUPER!  (*_*)
I could do an entire post on that is kind of a danger zone with me!

I have quite a few long necklaces so I simply doubled up the chains, hung
them on the necklace holder and stood it up inside the top shelf.  Kind of
a lot of bling going on there isn't there!  Don't will notice a theme
when you see more pictures!  I think I am a "bling" girl.  I never really
noticed it until I saw my stuff all together like this!  My goodness!

I love these bracelet holders.  They look so elegant, they can hold
alot and they are very inexpensive...under $5 each.

In case you were getting any ideas of repelling down the side of my house
and robbing my "crown jewels"...I'll put that idea out of your head right now.
Most of my pieces are total costume jewelry and cost less than $5 and $10.
See...I told you, it's not worth it, darn it!  (*_*)

I do need to get a few more holders like a black velvet ring holder, a few
earring holders to get my earrings off the shelf, another velvet necklace
holder for the top right hand side and maybe another holder for more
bracelets.  I didn't know I had so many silly bracelets!

At least things are starting to get organized!  It will look abit better once I
get it all done.  Those vintage pink satin boxes hold my pearl necklaces and
other bits and pieces that I wear.

It looks so pretty when the doors are shut.  None of that stuff will be sitting
there on the top...maybe just a nice bouquet of fresh roses...that's it!

Well there's a beautiful unmade bed in the background!  Let's just
pretend that it's supposed to look really "shabby" know, the unmade look! dresser is almost cleared off with the exception of that necklace
holder on the left hand side there.  I'll have to find another home for that.  It
all looks so much better without so much clutter!  I'll be sure to do a follow up
post when it's completely done.  Thanks for stopping by...



Jacqueline said...

Stacey, now every woman who reads this is going to want to go find a secretary to put in their room to hold their jewelry so beautifully! I know I do! This is great. I know hubby is sick of mine on the bathroom counter and so am I. It is not nearly as neat as yours.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Stacy, I would love to organize my jewelry like that!


Shabby chic Sandy said...

You have so many beautiful pieces..and such a gorgeous place to store them!

lvroftiques said...

Stacy I want to hear ALL about that Asian store! And I do mean everything!! Start talking girlfriend *winks* Vanna