Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas In Our Home

Today I thought I would share a few Christmas images from around our home.

This is our front room where our main tree is set up.  The tree has looked
like this for probably five years or so.  Even though I love it, I am getting
quite tired of it.  It just feels too poufy, fussy and pink for me these days.
I know, you can't believe what I'm saying right?  I am kind of known for
loving the color pink.  Too much of it is just starting to get irritating to me
for some reason!  I wonder what is up with that?  LOL!

Here is my coffee table decorated with a few Christmas pieces.  It feels like
too much STUFF...but I will admit that when I look at some of the other blogs
out there with all of the Christmas decor, I feel like my house is empty.  LOL!
Some ladies really do it up like crazy!  I love looking at it and I appreciate it,
but I just feel the need to simplify.  Maybe it's time to box up some of my
STUFF and just enjoy a more calm, uncluttered look.  The problem I have is
parting with my treasures.  Being in the antique business now for over 11
years, I have upgraded and upgraded and now have alot of pieces that I
just don't want to part with.  BUT...maybe they need a well deserved rest!

I love this little metal sleigh that I found at the thrift store several years ago.
I filled it with vintage looking ornaments and can you see the little gold
cherub perched in there...he's kind of overloaded and surrounded!

Here's a closeup shot...aren't they pretty!

I have been buying crowns off Etsy lately.  Okay, three vintage rhinestone
crowns, but it's a start!  I've always liked crowns and tiaras, like so many of
you do, but I find them to be quite expensive!  I started searching and found
three of them and paid well under $20 for each of them.  So that is my new
little obsession...searching for inexpensive little gems like these.  This one is
from a Beauty Pageant in Ohio from 1965 (so the seller said) and it even came
in this darling vintage pink jewelry box.  Pretty adorable if you ask me!

Here is my large coffee filter wreath that I made last winter.  It is pretty huge
and I used about 600 filters on it, but I wanted it to be really big and fluffy!
I trimmed it all too to give it a uniform look.  I absolutely love the way it
turned out.  I moved it to the inside of my front door for the holidays. 
Speaking of which, yes, I say "holidays" when it comes to, well, holidays and
when it comes to "vacation" as well.  We Canadians do's taken from
the British language and we are Commonwealth folk so we use alot of the
same expressions as the UK.  I am now on a tangent...LOL!

These beautiful silver glittered glass ornaments came from Tai Pan Trading
Company here in Salt Lake City.  If you don't have one near you...well, I
feel sorry for you!  Seriously's a super huge and just lovely home
decor warehouse type of store chocked full of gorgeous treasures!  I just
couldn't resist bringing two of these lovelies home with me.

Lastly, these beautiful tin angel wings came from Tai Pan Trading as well.  I
purchased two of them and have them hanging from my shadowbox in my
front room.  I love the way they look for Christmas, but I'll probably use them
somewhere in the house during the rest of the year too!

Thank you for joining me today.  I have a few more posts coming up that
will include more Festival of Trees pictures and some more pictures around
my home.  Have a wonderful day today!



Susan said...

A burse of beautiful pinks here! Your sleigh with ornaments is adorable, and oh my - what a pretty tiara in that box!

June said...

You know I am CRAZY about your house, right???? Don't you ever, ever change your amazing sofa settee or that curio! Your Christmas decorating is beautiful! I LOVE the angle wings!!

I also enjoyed the Festival of Trees you shared. SO much to see and drool over : )
sending big hugs to you!!!!

Bella McBride said...

Love, love, love those pink ornaments! Love everything you do! Too much pink? Say it ain't so!? lol I do actually know what you mean, but trust me, your house looks stunning!

Christmas hugs from Canada,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Stacy,...Gorgeous, you are way ahead of me, I had no idea how much people decorated until I started blogging. This year I am just doing the tree and few other things. Wait a are tiring of pink? you know I have actually trended away the last couple of years and went more white. I don't even want to ask how long it took to make your gorgeous coffee filter wreath. Love the angel wings!


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Everything looks so pretty--my favorites being that sleigh full of ornaments and those wonderful tin wings! I am jealous of those tin wings--I have never heard of the place you got them. Enjoy the holidays!

Jacqueline said...

Yes, I love Tai Pan too. I am from Orem! You guessed right. Of course our Tai Pan is not that great so we always have to go to Salt Lake and hit the one there. I just did a post on the new Trader Joe's. Did you see that one? The shelves were literally empty and they didn't have the cookies we wanted anymore so I made them and posted them. My last post with filled with all Tai Pan! They really should pay us for advertising for them.

I got the little glass angel wing ornaments too and hung them from my ceiling. I didn't see the tin ones.
So nice to meet you! Following you back.

I have often thought it would be fun to have a Utah bloggers get together.

I was just asked to do a cooking spot on Studio 5. I am actually freaking out a little about it!

lynn said...

oh, i LOVE all the pink, stacy! and your wreath is beautiful! happy weekend!

Julie said...

I love all the pink, Stacy, especially the pink tree. Just fabulous! You have such beautiful decorations and such a beautiful home.