Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ma Vie En Rose (My Life In Pink)...

If I found this dilapidated piece of elegance sitting abandoned in a field would I have to take it home? Would it be too much for me to resist or would I feel like I was disturbing it? After all, how did it end up there and who would throw out this gorgeous creature? Those were my thoughts as I came across this lovely photo on Flickr. What a beautiful shot...a seemingly neglected velvet chair touched with dirt and wear, yet elegant and curvy with beautiful lines and the best color.

Ahhh yes, "ma vie en rose" which translates to "my life in pink". That is how I seem to view my life these days when I am out and about searching for treasure. Have you ever seen the animated movie "Up!"? My friends say that I am like "Dug" the dog (wait a minute, are they calling me a dog?!)...he is on one train of thought and then completely out of nowhere he turns his head and yells "squirrel" for a moment or two when he spots a furry creature and then he goes back to his original thought. That is how I am with the color pink. Yes, I do love pink!

Check out the retro kitchen I found on Flickr. So pretty and so pink! Even those appliances! I lived in an apartment once back home in Canada that had a smaller pink fridge and a little pink stove. Pure bliss it was for me!

Pink is a happy color, a soothing color and of course, a very feminine color. Looking at it just brings me sheer joy. Who wouldn't want to walk on that dock in the last photo? So beautiful and pretty and the sky...another shade of glowing pink.

If you don't have anything pink in your home, you are missing out my friends! Even a little dash will add a bit of pretty color and happiness to your room. I for one know that I would have even more of it in my home if I could especially in the way of furniture. I say this because who am I kidding?...if I knew where that chair was, it would be coming home with me! ~Stacy~ **All photos from Flickr.**


Time Worn Style said...

oh yeah I would be grabbing that chair quick smart, its my obsession diamond back chairs!! Love the pics!

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

You know Stacy this post would of been a great hit for Pink Saturday. The pink photo's are awesome! I'm another one that enjoys her pinks... some people are letting go of it, but It's here to stay with me.

I'll be seeing you, Take Care*

Janet said...

Hi Stacy, well you KNOW that I do adore pink....but that kitchen would never fly in my home~lol! ~xo~Janet (Shabbyfufu)

YSLGuy said...

I have TWO pink things in my living room. I love them so much too.

A pink cupcake bank, and a pink gumball machine, both from Juicy Couture