Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pretty Books For Your Decor

My friend Marci is the Queen of creative decorating ideas. Her home is an enchanting maze of beautiful vignettes and charming creations. I get a lot of inspiration from her and I incorporated one of her ideas into a small corner of my family room. She likes to decorate with second hand books!

Her books are not antiques (although she has many of those too!), but rather normal every day books that you can find in your local thrift store. Her theme colors are ivory and gold for her books and what she does is simply go through the racks of books and looks under the jackets to find an ivory cover and gold spine. She then discards the jacket and displays the books in groupings as a central part of a display or as a "filler" ladies know what I'm talking about! (*_*) You can display the books with pretty bookends, fill cupboards with them, stack them on top of each other with little treasures on top...use your imagination! They are so many ways to display them.

Marci probably has over 150 books like this, but I limited my collection to a few dozen or so. The great thing about decorating with these books is that they are relatively inexpensive, $1-$2 in the thrift stores in my neck of the woods, and you can find some really interesting titles. A few favorites that I found are "How To Be A Great Wife And Other Myths", "Old Friends", "Always Daddy's Girl" and "Freaky Deaky". If your decor is a different color, just look for books in your color scheme. Think how beautiful a section of pink covers with gold lettering would be! Positively charming! I love new and interesting decorating ideas and I think this is a great one! I hope you try it! ~Stacy~


Le_Vintage said...

Oh that is just so beautiful! I had to take an hour out of my day and catch up on all yr posts since i've been away from my blog for a bit! and i must admit, i'm smitten with every post. I've been collecting books the last few weeks and setting these up in my house, what a coincidence you posted this!

Does Marci have a blog?

Le Vintage

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hi ~ Le Vintage!, no Marci does not have a blog or anything...not even a computer! LOL! I am planning on takes pics of her home soon to post on my blog. It belongs in Romantic Homes! ~Stacy~

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hello sweet GF!
I have a surpize for you on the bottom of this page link-

Love to you

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Wow ~ thanks Jo Jo! (*_*) xoxo