Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet Valentine's Day Centerpiece

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I would share with you a whimsical and romantic centerpiece to make for your Valentine's Day table. I made this centerpiece awhile back for a luncheon that I put on for some friends and it was such a hit. It is very simple to make and takes only a few minutes.

This first thing you need is a very large clear glass vase of some sort. The one that I used was a giant glass teacup vase that I found at Tai Pan Trading here in Salt Lake. Any large glass container will do, but try to find something a little bit different than the norm if you can just to make it extra special. Next, you will want a smaller glass vase to fit inside. I had a nice sized square one that was a perfect fit for my teacup. Then, assemble your fresh flowers in a bouquet and add them to your square vase. I used roses and quite a few of them too to fill up this vase, almost two dozen. I had to cut the stems quite short and I assembled a perfect looking round bouquet and secured the stems with elastics so they would keep their shape. Place your smaller vase with your flowers inside your large vase and fill with water. Then add mini white marshmallows on all sides of the vase to the very top to completely cover the glass vase inside. I could have done abit better job of this as you can see a few of the square corners of my vase inside. The effect is very pretty and it looks as though the roses are floating on top of the marshmallows. Any type of pretty candy or filler can be used, (you can really use your imagination with this step!), but I used marshmallows as they are very inexpensive and last a long time.

This adorable idea did not come for me (unfortunately!), but rather from a fabulous floral book called "Simply Pink" by Paula Pryke. This is an absolutely fantastic book if you love the color pink and want to create dreamy floral arrangements for your romantic home. I would highly recommend treating yourself and picking up this beautiful book. I hope this gives you some inspiration to try your own pretty floral arrangement just in time for Valentine's Day! Enjoy! ~Stacy~


Linda B said...

Beautiful centerpiece!

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

This cute pink confection would be adorable for a girls party or baby shower, as well. Thanks for the book recommendation.
I always enjoy visiting your beautiful blog.

Best Wishes,

paintnwiz said...

Oh my! I love the cupcakes. I've had the same dream of a sweet shop in my glass kitchen cabinet. You've gone and done it now....I'm going to Home Depo for some spakle. Is the a brand you recommend? You really did a great job, and I hope mine turn out well too! Hugs! mikell