Friday, March 12, 2010

Our New Flooring ~ It's About Time!

At long last are the promised pictures of our new flooring that we installed just before Christmas! Yes, it took awhile! These pictures were taken for my Mom so don't mind the mess on the coffee table...that's just day to day living around here!, especially if I'm looking at magazines! We opted to go with a darker flooring instead of a light, more shabby finish. I'm glad we did as makes the furniture, cabinets and accessories "pop" more and gives it more of a cozy feel. Light and airy is fine for the summer, but here in Utah, cozy is better in winter. It's cold enough out there, we didn't want our home to look and feel harsh during those long winter months.

I also had to purchase a bunch of new rugs (isn't that a shame!) for the floors and I got them from a mixture of places...HSN, JCPenney and the antique mall. I purchased an absolutely huge pink rug from an antique mall since these pictures were taken and it is now in place of the one underneath the coffee table in the family/tv room. That pretty pastel rug is now under our dining room table and the one under the dining room table is now downstairs. Talk about musical rugs! Do you ever find yourself doing that when you are redecorating something? You want to put one new picture on the wall and pretty soon you find yourself redoing the entire room and the next one beside it! (*_*) Good thing that it's such a bunch of fun!

We actually still have more flooring to put down in our offices and we've been putting it off long enough! Reason being is that my office has SO MUCH STUFF in it that everything has to be taken out and I want to paint the walls while I'm at it and give my office a bit of a that is going to be happening here pretty soon. There's nothing like a good spring reno to kick off the season! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo


My Vintage Treasures said...

The floors are divine!
Such a shame that you had to go shopping for new rugs...LOL

Alba Linea said...

wow this looks sooooo pretty! love your style. best wishes. ;0)

Pieces of Dreams said...

Everything looks so pretty and perfect, Stacy. I do the "musical rearranging" all the time...It can get exhausting. I have a friend visiting and she and I were remembering the time I bought this new lamp and ended up moving everything around in my family room, while cooking for guests arriving for dinner...Lot's of craziness with that one!

Love, Karen

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Stacy, I think going with the darker floors was a excellent idea, they look fabulous. I rent, and boy do I wish I could have flooring, I'm not much into carpet at all. I hope all goes well with your office space!

I almost forgot- I really like your corner cabinet too-

Take Care*

tina, theoldfrenchdoors... said...

Hi stacy, Im blog suring tonight and found your gorgeous site. Floors look fab and so do the rugs.