Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet "D.I." Find...

Those of you who know me, know that I love shopping at the "D.I". Short for Deseret Industries, this is a chain of the absolute best thrift stores in Utah owned and operated by the LDS church. There are numerous locations in Utah as well as in a few other western states and they are by far my favorite place to find a great treasure!

I found this wonderful little cabinet the other day while I walking the aisles and quickly fell in love with it. My first instinct was that it was the top of a hutch. I'm still not sure, but I am now leaning toward it being an actual little floor cabinet due to its height.

This cabinet is obviously from the 1960's or 1970's. It has that "look" about it and often during that time period pieces of furniture were painted with this speckled finish. My first thought was, "okay, this is hideous, I have to paint it". But after awhile the finish grew on me and because I have cream and light yellow in my front room, it blends in nicely and looks very pretty alongside my other pieces. I know...some of you probably still think it's hideous this way and it wouldn't have even made it through the door without some yummy cream or white paint! But I've decided to keep it this way for now. I just love the details on this...little floral carvings, a flat back with glass on both angled sides and glass on the front, a light inside and a great glass shelf in the middle perfect for holding my Lefton luncheon set. The glass panel on the right opens up as a door.

It's fun to find a piece of furniture that I love and it seems that I haven't run across one in quite some time. Patience is all I can say and at $35, I am willing to wait! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo



Your cabinet looks beautiful and what a good deal!

bj said...

I wouldn't touch the finish on it with a ten foot is simply stunning, as is. You can find white painted furniture all over the place but this factory finish is beyond a white spray paint..
besides, it looks fabulous with your other pieces..

Lori said...

Stacy, Its so perfect and fille dup wonderfully! Lori