Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Addicted To!

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I am absolutely smitten with this fabulous web site This beautiful site is a very special and creative way to pass the time and I can promise you that after only a few minutes, you will be addicted too! Basically, shared pictures are collected from photo storage sites from all over the web and then in turn you can make collages out of thousands and thousands of pictures. Any keyword that you can think of you can type in and then come up with hundreds of possibilities. People then post their collages for you to view or share on your blog. There are even contests for members (membership is free!). Fashion collages are popular, but there are thousands of themes you can create using the keywords of your choice. We vintage gals can find vintage lady pictures, chandeliers, teacups and saucers, roses by the gallon, you name it! Give it a try when you have a few will probably quickly turn into a few hours! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo


Lori said...

Love it, must check it out!
Wishing you a wonderful Easter Day! Lori

Robyn said...

Oh I must check it out!

Tutti Chic said...

Stacy~How are you mon ami?? I have been gone too long from reding my favorite blogs! I will check this out immediately! Thanks for the heads up on this site. Happy & Blessed Easter to you~xo chris

Lori said...

Stacy, Tried it and it was fun! I just for the life of me don't get how to post mine to my blog to show it! Any clue what I'm doing wrong? Lori