Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Every Birthday Is A Gift...

The older I get, the more I truly believe in the title of this post. Think about it...every birthday really is a gift. As women, most of us seem to complain about getting older. We're not as "young, pretty, in shape, energetic as we once were"...the list seems to go on and on. Think about it though...what if you didn't have a birthday? If you didn't have a birthday you simply wouldn't be here! So there you have it, that is a positive way to look at it! Birthdays really aren't that bad even if they mean you have a few more wrinkles and your cute little butt isn't quite so cute or even so little anymore! LOL! I have lost my share of loved ones over the past few years and I hear about so many people out there being sick before their time. It's time we all appreciate each and every day that we have here on this beautiful, beautiful earth! (*_*)

It was my birthday on April 7th and this year it was wonderful! Some years just seem to go by rathered unnoticed, but this year I received so many cards, phone calls, a few presents here and there and Wade even cooked a lovely dinner for me and our extended family. Even a boss that I used to work for about 20 years ago called me up to say hello...that was quite unexpected, but very nice!

My sister-in-law surprised me a few days after my birthday by taking me up to Park City for the night. You know, the place where all of the celebs haunt during the Sundance Film Festival. We didn't see any celebs (personally, who cares!), but we sure had a nice time just getting out of the valley and taking the 40 minute drive up into the mountains. It's always nice to get out of the city! We did a little shopping and I thought I'd share my little treasures with you ...

Here is a lovely little box of lip balm that I picked up at Splendor Beauty. Yes, I'll admit it, I wanted to go into Splendor just for the pretty pink and chocolate brown bags, but this lip balm called "Let Them Eat Cake" by Tokyo Milk was calling my name. Look at the adorable Marie Antoinette on the side of the box. Love it!

I recently ran out of perfume and I am so tired of paying $60 and up for nice deparment store perfume. I wandered into Dress Barn and picked up these two pretty fragrances called "Really Truly Pretty" and "Really Truly Fresh". They are lovely smelling and at $14 each, they are a real bargain!

This Lollia hand creme was also picked up at Splendor. I love these products and they are a little more pricey, but so beautiful and the packaging is gorgeous! Lollia makes perfume, candles, bath salts, hand lotions and other pretty cosmetics.

The actual bottle of hand creme is just as nice as the box!

We visited a beading store where you can make your own jewelry. My sis-in-law made herself a pretty bracelet and I made this sweet necklace complete with pink hearts, green beads, silver ladybugs and an adorable pendant in the center. I love the way it turned out! I had never done this before and I can see how it could quickly become addicting!

The last treasure I purchased was this adorable little set of Marie Antoinette style note cards. The little box folded out to reveal the cards, envelopes and matching stickers. Pretty!

It was so nice to get away even if it was just for one night! A huge thank you to all of my friends and family for making my birthday so extra special this year! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo


Shabbyfufu said...

I totally agree Stacy....life is a gift to be celebrated each day! Happy Birthday to you and what lovely presents! ~xo~Janet

Lori said...

Stacy,Well yummy things for you! Oh the joy of being a firly girl! Isn't it wonderful when others understand? And sweetie I certainly do! later, Lori

Fabulously Shabby said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you had a lovely day for your Birthday and then a nice little trip. I love your goodies that you picked up!! You always find wonderful things...lucky lady!
@}~~ Sarah

Robyn said...

OH just wonderful things! Happy belated birthday! Now come over and celebrate by signing up for my birthday give-away!