Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Christmas Tree!

Everyone else is doing why not me?!  Today I am going to share my
Christmas tree with you all.  This year I decided to go with something quite
different than my usual tree.  I pulled out all of my very pale pastel vintage
ornaments and I just wasn't feeling it.  This year I'm in the mood to celebrate!
My husband had a very serious heart attack in September (what heart attack
isn't serious?!) and I am grateful that he is still here.  I wanted something
more cheerful, bright and happy!

I had a lot of hot pink balls in my collection that I had gathered the last few
years from thrift stores, as well as some larger, lighter pink glittered balls.
These two colors got me started.  I visited Hobby Lobby (two minutes from
my house which isn't necessarily a good thing!) and found that all of their
Christmas decor was on sale at 50% off.  I purchased silver snowflakes,
white glittered snowflakes, ornate glass ornaments with sprinkles on them
and the makings for the top of the tree.

I can't remember the last time I had a star on the top of my tree.  I decided to
go with a plain silver tinsel star along with those wild pink picks and some
other silver branch picks.  I love it!

Here are the silver snowflakes and you can see in the background some
other hot pink glittered snowflakes that came from Hobby Lobby as well.

A closeup view of everything put together.  There is also silver
beaded garland hung around the entire tree.

I absolutely LOVE these long glass ornaments.  I bought them in three
colors of pink and they have sprinkles on them.  They were in the
Candyland section of decorations in Hobby Lobby.  So pretty!

Another view...

The light pink balls are actually bulb covers that just fit over any Christmas
tree light.  I have tons of them and I have packed these things all over the
place.  I think I've had them since my early 20' a little while!

I hope you enjoyed my tree this year and I hope that you all
having something to celebrate this holiday season!



June said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE your tree Stacy! It's so good to see your amazing living room again.
hugs from here...

Suzann Coombe said...

Your tree is gorgeous!!!
It always is fun to things different once in a while. I have had a white tree for the last 5 years so I decided to do a green tree this year.
Merry Christmas!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my gosh, Stacy! It's all sooooo beautiful!!!!!!! That room should be in magazine, girl!!! Fabulous job, girlie!!! ♥

xoxo laurie

Pollyanna said...

All so lovely .... must be the year of the change, I did a different tree too, after eons of Victorian ... Love yours!!

Jacqueline said...

Stacy, pink is definitely such a fabulous color for Christmas decor! I love all of your different shades, they add such depth to the tree! I know what you mean about Hobby Lobby - they saw me coming, several times this year. I was just in yesterday down in Orem and they have hardly anything left!
Your whole room is so soft and sophisticated! I love, love, love it all!