Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Very Ordinary, But Wonderful Day...

Today was a very ordinary, but wonderful day. The temperature actually "soared" to the mid 40's so it was a perfect time to get outside and take down the Christmas decorations. What a treat it was to be outdoors with blue sky overhead and ice melting into large puddles on the sidewalk. I am very much an outdoor person and I love to be outside no matter what the weather. It was so refreshing to see the Christmas decor come down and I'm looking forward to spring even though the first signs of it will be months away! Today a friend of mine from South Carolina told me that the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom! (*_*)

A few weeks back I mentioned that I happened across a gorgeous box of vintage hobnail pieces at an antique auction all in a gorgeous, perfect aqua color. I kept some for myself and am offering some of the prettiest pieces to you on the web site. Have a peek if you desire! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo

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Tutti Chic said...

Stacy~The blue hobnail pieces are fabulous! I love these photos! Looks like you are taking the winter in stride & looking forward to the nicer weather when you can. I can't wait for spring. This is not a winter girl here in new england! Happy New Year! xo chris