Friday, January 9, 2009

Panic Attack...Followed By Relief!

Have you ever done something dumb, I mean REALLY dumb? Well, today was my turn for a few moments of sheer panic. I left the gym this afternoon and headed off to my favorite thrift store to see if I could find any new goodies. No big deal. What happened next was kind of a big deal, at least in my small world. (*_*)

Now, when I go to the gym I don't carry a purse. I put my wallet into my gym bag and then when I go into a store I just take my wallet with me. When I go into the thrift store I always put my wallet in the cart and it is within my sight all the time. Today I found a few things including a two drawer filing cabinet that I wanted to buy for my Mom-in-law as she has been looking for one a little while ago. I got up to the front of the store and asked them if they would hang on to the cart so I could go out to my car to get my phone to call my Mom-in-law to see if she did indeed want the cabinet. So...out I went completely oblivious to the fact that my WALLET was still in the cart hidden under the treasures I the little kiddie space by the handle. I went out and called, not home. I then called hubby and he didn't know if she had purchasd one yet or not so I decided not to buy it and just forget the stuff (I usually never do that ~ bad girl!) and head on over to Target to see if I could find a little treat for myself and spend my Christmas gift card. I drove to Target, which, thank goodness, is only a few minutes down the road, turned off the car, went to reach for my wallet and.....WHAT? Where was my wallet? Oh no!

Now, as I continue, I will openly apologize to the dear man that I almost ran over in the Target parking lot as I was careening through it like a mad woman at about 40 miles an hour to get back to the thrift store! I pulled right up to the front door, jumped out and ran inside the store. This is a really busy and quite big thrift store with a lot of people coming and going so I was in complete panic mode. I looked inside by the checkouts and no cart! Eeek! More panic! After doing a quick scan around the front area, I noticed a cart sticking out from behind a clothing rack (and this place has a LOT of clothes!). I raced over and there was "my" cart. The filing cabinet was still there...I picked up a piece of linen and another item and there was my trusty pink wallet on the bottom! I looked credit cards were taken, my identification was there...nothing was missing.

What is the moral of this story? I don't know, (perhaps don't be so dumb!) all I know is that I thank anyone if they saw my wallet and were tempted to take it and didn't. So nice of you...thank you! And after a small breather, it was off to Target to find a "new" treasure or two and thanks to my "lucky pink wallet", the gift card that was inside is now history! (*_*) Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo


Anonymous said...

I have moments like this. I call them my "senior moments". Thank goodness it turned out good for you!! I bet next time you will not "forget" where your wallet is!! LOL!!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Marilyn ~ thanks for the note! The only problem is...I'm not a senior...nowhere near it! LOL! Is this what I have to look forward to? Oh dear! ~Stacy~ (*_*)

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Ok Stacy, Something like that happen to me. I went to a store called the flower shop. I end up with nothing and end of parking the cart towards the front area, with my purse inside the basket on top where all the kiddies sit. I remember I was in sort of a rush that day and I wanted to go to this new salvation army place. I don't why I always really never find anything like my friend does. So anyways I get in the car and I'm driving over there with slow pokes going way under the speed limit. I get to my destination, park the car, went over to reach for my purse, and it wasn't there. I thought to myself WHAT THE, and immediatily almost flew back to go back to where I thought I left it. Sure enough there it was. Mind you this was during the holidays, and I just cash a check with lot of money before going over to the flower shop. This is a story I wouldn't tell my husband. He thinks I'm already going nuts. He may be right , but I don''t want him to know how bad it can be. I believe I'm going through menopause, and he calls it Mentalpause.. If he only knew ..Wow

Tutti Chic said...

stacy~you're not alone. i do something like that at least 2 times a week!LOL! I blame it on hormones!LOL!so glad you found your wallet! xo chris

Tutti Chic said...

stacy~you're not alone. i do something like that at least 2 times a week!LOL! I blame it on hormones!LOL!so glad you found your wallet! xo chris