Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Few Garden Pretties!

Here are a few snaps from the garden today...isn't this a sweet Portulaca plant!
I love these and this one looks like tiny pink roses. They do so well in the Utah heat!

Here are some peach David Austen roses in the front yard. I thought that this bush was going to die, but after three years it is finally thriving and it is always loaded with blooms. It is now about five feet high and sits as a backdrop behind my birdbath.

I love this ornamental Kale stuff! I have never bought any before so I thought I'd try just one in case it didn't like me! This puppy is getting huge even though you can't tell by the pictures.

Here is a picture of my rose hedge out front...26 roses in all...all the way across the front walk and out to the road. They are staggered pink and yellow and are Simplicity roses from Jackson and Perkins. This is the second year for it and it's doing very well. My other Simplicity rose hedge on the side of the house has been planted for four years and it is over 6 feet tall! If you want a gorgeous hedge with no maintenance and blooms that will last all summer and well into the fall this is the right hedge for you! Anyone can grow it!

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Vintage Rose Collection said...

Stac, Your rose hedge is STUNNING! and love love that statue!