Tuesday, June 5, 2007

On Friday night my friend and I had the "great" idea to pay a visit to the new Ikea store here in Draper, Utah. It is only about 10 minutes up the road from where I live so we thought we'd give it a go. Ikea was opened here on May 23rd so we thought by now that it wouldn't be so crowded! Boy, was I wrong! Now, I have been to Ikea stores before in Vancouver, Calgary and in Edmonton and a few in Australia when I lived there, but I have never seen anything like this! Talk about packed!

We drove up and the parking lot, which is massive, was completely full and there were even parking lot attendants telling us where to park. By that time we weren't even sure we wanted to go in, but we felt almost "herded" into a parking spot so we thought "what the heck". Hilarious! The store was an absolute joke! We couldn't even look at anything. Have you ever had that feeling when you are in a huge crowd and you can't go back, you have to just keep moving ahead? That's what this was like. We just had to go with the flow, the aisles were wall to wall people and we had to keep walking. We could not wait to get out of there! It was chaotic! I think I will wait for another month or so to go back and pick up the few things that I know I will purchase from past experience. It was an experience that I don't want to revisit any time soon!

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