Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I went to the best auction last Saturday in the lovely HEAT and found the most amazing antique china. I ended up purchasing most of it ~ cake plates, dessert plates, serving dishes, teacups, demitasse sets, you name it, I got it! I think that alot of the women there were getting abit annoyed at me for wanting so much of it, but hey ~ I'm a "china" girl and all is fair in love and auction sales! I don't go to auctions to make friends! LOL! At least that's what the auctioneer always says! So be sure to check the web site for a ton of new treasures that I will be listing all week long.

It is finally starting to heat up here in Utah and it's about time! The temps are in the high 80's all week long. I love it when my garden starts to take off. My iris' are glorious and just starting to bloom, my foxgloves and hollyhocks are coming along nicely, my rose hedges are starting to bloom slowly. It's just so beautiful out there! I have to get down to the greenhouse to get some more plants for the front yard. Soon!

Nothing much else is new. I got back to the gym yesterday for the first time in about two months. I completely slacked off when my Mom was here for six weeks and didn't go once. Now I'm back and it's good to be back. I miss it when I don't go. They even got new carpeting when I was away! It looks awesome in that cardio room now! So much better ~ maybe that will keep people motivated to go! Or...maybe not! (*_*)

I'm off for now. You all have a nice day and I'll catch up with you again really soon! xoxo

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