Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Hallway Bathroom

I've been MIA these past few weeks...over three to be exact!  I always say
 that I only blog when I am inspired...it must be cabin fever...I haven't felt like
 blogging or working at all.  It seems as though spring may be on the way soon
though.  A glimpse of a few teeny tulips tops peeking out of the ground outside
of my front window gave me the little burst of cheer that I so desperately
needed!  Hasn't this been a long, cold winter...I sure think so!

Today I am going to share some pictures of our hallway bathroom.  Now I must
warn you that these pictures are NOT the best quality.  There is absolutely no
natural light in this room and if I use the flash then it's really a total disaster
so bear me with me, they are kind of yellow and sad..but you'll get the idea!

This bathroom has been painted several times.  It was white when I first moved in, then I painted it a cottage yellow, then it had wallpaper border along the top...it has changed many times.  Guess what...it's now back to white and I absolutely LOVE it!  Sometimes my decor takes a roundabout and ends up back where I started in the first place!  Life is like that!

So now it looks all fresh and clean!  I am looking at this picture above and I'm
wondering why I never have towels hanging there.  I always have a hand towel,
but never towels on that towel bar...hmmmm.  Anyway, that cute rose print on
the wall is from Ikea.  It is heavy paper that is stretched over a wooden frame.
I quite like it and I think that it only cost seven or eight dollars.  A real bargain!
The layered white ruffled shower curtain is from Victorian Trading Company.
They always have the prettiest accessories for your home.

These three pieces were picked up from Tai Pan Trading Company.  They are
supposed to be perfume decanters and the center one is a little holder of some
sort.  I love the aged mercury glass look and the little crown and rhinestone
accents.  They were really inexpensive...about four dollars each!

I admit it, I am abit of a statue nut!  I just can't resist a pretty, vintage statue!
This one was picked up at an auction several years ago and I remember that it
was really inexpensive...probably around $25 or so.

See, I told you...another statue, and on the same countertop no less.  It's really
quite ridiculous!  I do love this one though!  The hand painted rose flower bucket
is going to be coming up for sale really soon so watch my shop for it.  It is really
adorable and was painted years ago by Kim Ryan of Paris Rags.  She is a great artist!

I also love this perfume bottle!  It is one of those very large department
store sample bottles.  I have it filled with colored water.

Here is a better shot of the maiden statue.  Isn't she lovely!

These antique soap advertisement cards are perfect for a bathroom.

Here is another one...so adorable!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  My next post will continue on and I'll
show you the artwork on my bathroom walls.  They are by talented
photographer, Georgianna Lane Fine Art Photography...her work is spectacular!

Stay tuned!



MIchaela Staňková said...

Wow-beautiful bathroom-it's fairy tale!!!It's dream!!!
Have a nice day!!!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your bathroom is very pretty!

Bella McBride said...

So pretty! Makes me want to redo my bathroom! I think I even have some brand new pink cupcakes that would look fabulous in there! ;)

As always, stunning!

Pollyanna said...

Very charming Stacy, I love all your sweet and romantic details ... what a lovely retreat!! Calgon take me awayish!!

Georgianna said...

It looks beeeeutiful! Thank you so much, Stacy!!

~Hassie~ said...

Oh, Stacy; I just love everything! So beautiful; thank you for sharing!!

sissie said...

Hi Stacey,
I love your pretty bathroom. You have exquisite taste.