Friday, February 1, 2013

FB Valentine's Day Giveaway!!

Hello Friends!

To celebrate reaching 500 "likes" on my Facebook page, I am having a
little Valentine's Day Giveaway.  I hope you'll join in and ENTER!

What is included...take a look above...

This stunning pink rose teapot will give you hours and hours of
enjoyment!  The roses remind me of the beautiful work of
Victorian artist Catherine Klein...

An assortment of my favorite teas will be included so
you can give that pretty teapot a try...

What would a tea party be without cupcakes?!  Unfortunately, I can't
send you real ones so I am including two of my faux cupcakes for
you to enjoy and display!  After all...they have NO calories!

Since this is celebrating my Facebook page, all you have to do is to
enter a comment ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE.  Become a follower, you
can click on the link over there on the sidebar, or become a blog
follower (maybe you already are!) and just let me know on my
Facebook page that you follow me and that's it!

The winner will be drawn by random drawing late Monday
evening.  I'll announce the lucky winner on Tuesday
morning on my page!

Click directly below to go to my Facebook page...

Have fun and thanks for entering!


Today I'm hooking up with Courtney for
to visit her!


Bella McBride said...

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Here's to another 500 likes!!

Graceful Rose said...

Trying to enter the Giveaway, not sure where I need to go now. I love the pretty teapot. Thanks.

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

I see you found your way over to my Facebook page Graceful Rose...thanks for entering!

The Porcelain Rose said...

Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet comments.
You are a girl after my own heart.
I collect antique rose tea pots and love the ballet.
I LOVE the roses in your prev post.
For my birthday my husband sent me three dozen pastel roses (pink, white and yellow). Besides being Huge! they were the most beautiful roses I have ever seen..... and talk of the office for days.
Thanks for sharing!
Luv, Luv,

P.S. I will be sharing the cherub lamp I purchased from your Etsy shop in the next few days. Hope ou will visit.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Stacy, who ever wins, tell them they have to give me the teapot, congratulations of 500!!!!! You are such an avid Facebooker (Is that a word) You deserve 100's more!


Jacqueline said...

Congratulations! That is amazing. What a fun contest too. Your cakes would be such a temptation for my little ones, they would definitely try and eat them - they have done that with fake fruit before! How we laughed.

Wateringen said...

Hay Stacy,

Your blog is wonderful!
I will follow your blog.
Please take a look into my world.

love from Holland


Just coming back from Venice Carnival, I just noticed that I forgot to be a follower of your blog as I already liked your facebook page : so sorry but corrected now !!
Love you sweetness pics.
xoxo from PARIS

June said...

Hi Stacy, I can't believe I missed your beautiful giveaway, but congratulations to whoever won!!! Your cupcakes look so, so pretty!!!
I also read your last post and OMG! those roses are gorgeous!
Every time I come here I leave with a smile. It's a pleasure to see how my beautiful friend lives :)
much love...