Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Last Roses Of Summer & Random Stuff

Well here they are...the last roses of summer.  I picked these a few
weeks ago and thought I'd post them now.  I have roses well into
October here in Utah, more like into November this year.  It was
an amazing year for my flowers!

Aren't these blooms just lovely...until next year...

Here is a picture of a gorgeous HUGE pitcher my Mom picked up at an
antique store while she was here.  I had it first, decided not to get
it and then she picked it up and asked me if she could get it!  She is
so funny and NICE!  She wanted to make sure that I absolutely did not
want it!  It must have had a matching bowl at some point, but for
$12.50 I told her that she had better take it before I changed my mind!

And for all of you statue and fountain lovers out there take a look at this
beauty!  Mom and I came across it during one of our furniture shopping
trips.  This fountain is in the big RC Willey furniture store in Salt Lake City.
I couldn't help taking a picture of it...those darn orange cones anyway!
Graced at the top with a beautiful cherub, it is followed by horses
and lions spouting water and then maidens at the bottom.  I can't tell
you how tall it is, but it's pretty huge!  I thought that you would like it!

Have a great day!



Julie said...

Your roses are just gorgeous! Love the color.
Love that pitcher that your mom bought. What a deal!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I think I would have knocked both of you out of the way to get that pitcher! Thank you for the well wishes on my sons wedding...Geez who knew they were so much work!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and hubby!


The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hi there!
Your roses looked spectacular! Yes indeed you had a very good year, isn't that wonderful when you have those kinds of abundant flowers in a couple season's? Also, that pitcher is beautiful!!! Great find Stacy. That's so wonderful that you and your mom are so close. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!
Hugs~ Steph

lvroftiques said...

Stacy I wanna see that crown! *winks* And your roses are gorgeous and so is that darling statue. I am so sad to see the end of mine, but it's now 28 degrees outside *sighs* Vanna

Siobhan said...

Lovely roses Stacy and that jug is too cute!