Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goofing Off & Porch Decor!

So yes...I know!  My last post was on August 29th!  I have had people
sending me emails to find out what is going on with me!  So I must is what has been going on...I've been GOOFING OFF!

Where did we leave off?  Let's August I was talking about Victorian
Trading Company and how much I was looking forward to fall.  Well, fall is
in full swing now isn't it!  Siince my last post I took a lovely vacation to
Mount Rushmore to see the "BIG HEADS" and then I spent the rest of
September getting ready for my Mom to arrive.  She was coming for a
nice long six week visit!  Note I said "was"...she has come and gone!
We had the most AMAZING time together!  I sure LOVE my Mom!

I meant to post these pictures a long time ago, BUT things just got in the way are some pictures of what my porch looks like this fall...

I always decorate my concrete dog for the seasons...seeing as
how I don't have a REAL dog hoo!  :(

The brown and orange decor stays OUTSIDE, not's
just not my thing to have it inside the house...

A little autumn fairy is resting on my wreath...

along with her friend who is perched on my tulle...

these fairies seem to be everywhere...

I hope you are having a wonderful fall!


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