Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sittin' Pretty...

I received some emails from a few of you awhile back asking me to show pictures
of the sofa in my front room.  Yes, I am little bit slow...so today I thought I would
showcase this room a little bit.  It is my favorite room in the house.  Enjoy...

There is a story behind this sofa and curio cabinet...don't the best treasures
always have a story?!  I got these pieces about five or six years ago when
I went to auctions on a regular basis.  This sofa, curio cabinet and matching
occasional table (not shown) came from an auction up in the Ogden area of Utah.
It was from a doctor's home and he was liquidating after a divorce.  I am so glad
that I went to the auction that lovely summer day... (*_*)

The coffee table you see actually matches very well.  It has a marble top and the
most glorious creamy carved roses on both sides.  I purchased it from a good friend
of mine who has always has the best stuff!  Thank you Marci!

I love the scrolled woodwork on this sofa and I especially love the fact that the
wood has pastel highlights on it.  Here you see it decked out with a bunch of
ruffled pillows.  I am trying to de-fluff the rest of the house, but this is one room
that will probably stay pretty "fluffy"...I just love it this way!

Don't you just LOVE these details?!

This is the matching curio cabinet!  I can tell you that I honestly almost dropped
dead when I saw it!  Okay, that is exaggerating, but seriously...!

The curio cabinet has the same scrolled detailing as the sofa, but it also has
carved pastel roses, curved glass and awesome rope trim inside the glass.  I
simply adore it!  Of course it wasn't enough by itself, I had to add dozens of
roses to the top...I know, complete overkill...

Just another view of the loveliness...

Check out those roses!

Here is a little view of some of the treasures inside...

Love this antique platter and I used to collect Seraphim Classics, but now just
display a few of them.  My Mom gave me this gorgeous Royal Doulton figurine
for my birthday a few years back.  Isn't she pretty!

Another treasure from my friend Marci...

This is a little thrift store find that I picked up for only $1.  His foot is broken,
but I don't care.  It's tucked under the other leg...so what right?!

More lovelies including some Fenton melon vases, Lefton figural vases and
my prize RS Prussia teacups and saucers.  I just love them!

This has a lovely curved drawer front...

And more pretty details on the bottom...and the best thing I can tell you about
this set is that all three pieces were under $500.  Yes, that is the best part!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!



The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Omg..it's GORGEOUS! And what a great price!!

Susie Davenport said...

Simply gorgeous!! Love the little boy figurine with the broken foot. adorable..

~Hassie~ said...

Oh, Stacy......I don't know if it could be any more beautiful in your room; it is absolutely gorgeous! Lucky lady! Thank you so much for sharing.

Julie said...

Your living room is just gorgeous!! I love the sofa and the curio cabinet. I'm also loving the china & other treasures in the curio. so beautiful!!

Tutti Chic said...

The living room is soooo yummy stacy! What gorgeous pieces you have decorated it with!!!xo chris

debi huntsman said...

WOW!! I think my jaw hit the floor! You have a beautiful livingroom, and your furniture pieces are tdf. That was an amazing deal!

Shabby Jen said...

Absolutely beautiful! OMG. The opalescent color on that furniture is gorgeous! All the sweet little figurines... It's just all so beautiful!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Wow is all I can say! Wow what a deal, wow how gorgeous!!

Kathleen Ellis said...

WOW! This is so pretty! What a FABulous find! sigh.....aaahhhh!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG that curio cabinet is drop dead gorgeous, over the top, rose delight!! Yep you have to keep one room all fluffy, the Royal Dalton form Mom is gorgeous, she know you well!!


Pollyanna said...

Not only is your front sitting room adorable ... your photos are GREAT!! Good Job Miss Stacy!

Something Special said...

Hi Stacey, I love your couch and your curio cabinet. I can literally see Marie Antoinette sitting on that couch. Do you live in Utah? I am from Utah and just love that state. Some of my most wonderful vintage finds have come from Utah! And thanks for you sweet comment on my blog about my new pillows.

June said...

Coffee table~~~another SIGH!!!
curio~~~FAINT DEAD!!!
Seriously Stacy, these are amazing pieces...what a find.
Someday I will see them in person-when I make a potty stop :)
hugs to you...

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Wow....that couch is amazing!