Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Love For Statues

I love using statues in my decor so today I thought I would show you a few
of my favorite ones.  Most of them are vintage or antique, some are newer
and some are somewhere in between.  They all have a story to tell...

The one you see above was purchased at an antique auction.  I don't
remember how much I paid for this particular one, but I know that it wasn't
very much.  I left the original finish as is.  I rarely like to paint them unless
the finish is way too far gone for my liking.

This isn't really a statue, but almost!  This is actually a super heavy resin
fountain that I found a few years ago at Savers.  I can barely lift it, it weighs
an absolute ton!  I think I paid $20 for it ~ total bargain!  The fountain does
work and I use it sometimes, but it's often so gobbed up with decorations that
it's almost a pain to use it.  It doesn't matter, it looks pretty just sitting there.

Here is another statue that is actually a lamp.  I have a pair of these and I
purchased them at an antique auction as well.  These are replicas of lamps
from 17th century France and this pair was made around the 1960's.  They
are absolutely gorgeous, extremely well detailed and very feminine.

Here is the other one.  These are super heavy as well.  They sure knew
how to make things years ago...I call these my Goddess lamps!

This is a newer resin piece that is about 10 years old.  I picked her up at a
garden/flag store and she just reminds me of spring.  I added a little nest with
pink eggs and some little birds to her wings.  Her metal wings are detachable.

This is another favorite of mine that I purchased at an antique mall some years
ago.  I added the old pink floral hat.  Love some whimsy in my decor!

Here is another statue similar to the first one I showed.  I have a fair amount
of gold in my decor and this one fit right in with my Marie Antoinette style
front room.  Again, I love the original finish on this one!

You may recall seeing this statue fairly recently.  I just purchased it a few
months ago and decked him out for Valentine's Day.  He is new with a crackle
finish and I picked him up at Tai Pan Trading Company...a great store!

This is probably my all time favorite statue.  I took this picture a few weeks
back during Valentine's Day so it's not the best shot of her.  She is so pretty
and is clutching a little bird in her arms.  I purchased her from my good friend
Paula who always has just the best stuff to choose from!

Here is another statue that is actually a lamp.  I purchased it from my friend
Marci.  Marci touched up some of the painting on this one and added the
pink accents...she knows I'm a sucker for pink!  (*_*)

And last, but not least here is a simple chalkware statue that I picked up for
only a few dollars at the thrift store.  She sits on my bathroom vanity draped
in pearls.  I love the wicker baskets she is holding.

I have more statues, but I'll save those for another day.  I hope you
enjoyed my little statue show.  Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!



caThiE said...

Love the statue with the nest, Stacy! You've made your surroundings so very beautiful. . .

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Stacy, I don't have any statues, but you sure have talked me into getting some, I love them all, and the lamps are gorgeous, and the little touches are perfect, like you said it adds a little whimsy!


Miss Gracie's House said...

You have such a pretty collection!