Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Angelina Wrona Artwork Collection

While most of you are blogging about Christmas, I am going to venture
a little bit over to the "dark" side and share with you my growing collection
of Angelina Wrona artwork.  Angelina Wrona is a Canadian artist from Ontario
who is growing in popularity and I can see why.  Her images are whimsical and
haunting and even a little bit macabre and they suit my personality just fine!

I hauled these originals all the way back from Canada.  I found them in an art
gallery there and I knew I was hooked!  My decor is so "antique and vintage"
and I am looking for a way to add more modern pieces so everything doesn't
look so "old".  I love these because they are sweet and slightly "dark", but
they don't stray too far from my love of romantic decor.    This lovely gal is
named "Eloise".  I just love her pink hair and the huge flower in it!

This print is entitled "Timide Lapin" which means "Shy Rabbit" in French.
See her adorable bunny ears on the top of her it.  This one
is my absolute favorite!  I love her!

This is a smaller print entitled "Resurrection".  Notice that the girl is wearing a
blue dress and is holding a white rabbit.  She looks pretty demonic with those
crazy eyes and she looks like a resurrected Alice In Wonderland to me!

In her biography, the artists says that she gets her inspiration from her
daughters and she began to realize and combine her delicate, dark subjects
with surreal twists and ideas. Blending Japanese anime, folk art and
representational styles to bring them to life, Angelina has created her
collection, which she affectionately calls the "Senta-Mental Dolls.  It
should also be known that Angelina used to work at a mental institution.
Hmmm...thus the word "Senta-Mental Dolls" perhaps?  Who knows...


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Georgianna said...

Hi Stacy,

Wow, thanks for sharing your collection! Really intriguing and fascinating work. I think it's great that you're shaking up your decor with these pieces. I love collecting original art, too, and many works in our collection are not at all what you'd think I would have. :) We tend to buy bright abstracts or oils or reminders of our travels.

Anyway, very cool artwork you've gotten – love it!

xo – g