Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Office Renovation - Before & After

Well my friends, my office renovation is finally complete!
It was a fast and furious few days of painting, new flooring
and putting everything back together in place.  This is going
to be a loooong post as I wanted to show you tons of pictures
so you can see all of the before and after shots.  (*_*)

Here are a few pics of my office before...notice it's all torn apart
and I usually don't like to show pics like this...I can't quite believe
that I am letting you see it with things just thrown all over the place!
The hideous green paint and powder blue carpet just had to go...far, far away!

And here it is now...come on in!

It's all bright and cheery now, and PINK!  Yes, I wanted pink and lots of it.
It's not a soft pastel pink nor is it a bright pink, it's a "just right" pink!

I love my new flooring especially with my favorite old rug in the center of the room.

A pretty work station is a must for me.

I tried to keep the items on my shelf simple and pretty.  I love Christie Repasy's work and
I decided to put three of my favorites above my desk.  I also love the flat screen tv/dvd
player on my wall.  It makes the work go faster when I can watch a movie.

I even surprised myself by keeping my shelves so clean!

All of the essentials close at hand.

Good lighting, pretty flowers and a Simply Shabby Chic file folder box keep everything
close at hand.  A sweet postcard from my friend Jo at Vintage Rose Collection adorns
the front of my file folder.  It's the little touches that count!

I love my table chandelier on my desk.  It is both elegant and functional.

I also love my large floral print that I found at the thrift store for ten dollars.

This is a not so simple display!  I love to display all of my favorite bits and pieces
and this shelf has it all with a french theme running throughout...with a little
bit of garden decor thrown in!

Here is the other side of the room where I store all of my items for my web site and Etsy.
I love the open shelves.  They are very strong and allow me to look at a glance from
my computer to see what is there...very convenient!

This is probably the best purchase for my business that I have ever made.  This
fabulous old meat scale can weigh packages up to 30 pounds.  What a lifesaver!

Love this Psalm and the sweet pair of Lefton angels.

Any girly office has to have a sparkling chandelier.
Okay, you don't HAVE to have one, but it's nice!

A pretty vintage porcelain rose lamp surrounded by family pictures.

An old tole rose piece and a Christie Repasy wastebasket by the door.

And a cast iron header rests above the door on your way out...

There are still some things that I want to tweak, but you get the overall idea.
I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my newly renovated space!



Shonna said...

Its SO beautiful!! What a wonderful job you did here..I know its alot of work! Its so funny cause your layout is almost just like mine <3 Shelfs on the left window then desk area! and all the goodies!
You have made such a wonderful place to be!! <3...Love your Angels
Blessings Shonna <3

Shabby Cottage Shops said...

This is fabulous! I love it! When can you come and "redo" my office! Absolutely so serene, love all the special things you have, I especially love the rug! Have a wonderful day, I know I would if I had such a beautiful place to inspire me!

Kelly Ballard said...

Looks fabulous!! My work space could use some major sprucing. You've inspired me.

Second Hand Chicks

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Stacy, I bet you walk in and look around 30 times a day. I spotted that table light opera thing right away, gorgeous! I always wondered where people stored stuff up for sale, that is perfect, nothing worse than having somebody order something and then you can't find it!! The rug is divine, it is all so perfect!


chateau de fleurs said...

Hi Stacy, I loved taking the tour of your new office space, it should be in a magazine ! everything is so organized but yet so sweet and feminine,Thanks for show casing my art! Christie

patula10 said...

Absolutely charming, but you have made the spread I did on my blog of your office obsolete! Now I have to come and do it again! BTW, I am just tickled pink! Thanks for sharing.

patula10 said...

Its absolutely charming Stacy!! I love it. The only problem is that it makes the spread I did about your office on my blog obsolete. Now I just have to come an do it again!! BTW with all your wonderful little additions (in your old office), I never noticed what your wall color was before.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Love this girly girl office! What a pretty space to work in! The display shelf with the french theme is my favorite!

June said...

Stacy this is so gorgeous! I love the pink on the walls and am crazy over the rug of course. I love all the Christie I see. I love her art and her heart! The chandelier is such a bright spot too. Really a beautiful room now! Makes all the difference when we can work among beauty.

As far as going to Boise. I think you will love some of the vintage shops they have there now. It is getting better all the time. You know what they say about Idaho. We are always twenty-five years behind...but I think we may be catching up a little.
sending big hugs...

Shabbyfufu said...

Oh so positively girly girl pretty Stacy! You are the most organized girl in Utah I'll bet too!

Yes, I'm a bit over the pink myself, but I have always loved white and have used lots of it for years. I think that for me since I work with so much foof all of the time I need to escape a bit to tranquility. My studio is still filled with pretties though:-)

Lori said...

Lovely Stacy!
Great shade of pink! And the rug is really great, would love one of those!! Lori

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Stacy, it looks FABULOUS!
And I'm in love with that rug....

Miss Gracie's House said...

Yes...I did enjoy seeing is an encouragement to me to KEEP GOING! Now, that is order of inventory! I love the meat scale...what a great idea...I use a little baking scale but it doesn't go over 6 that means a lot of trips to the post office just to check weight.
Thank you for your words of support for my mess...they have encouraged me so much...thank you for sharing your heart!
PS I was reading June's comment...are you coming to Idaho???

Anonymous said...

Stacy, your room is FAB! sheri...myflowershed ;)

Ginnie said...

Soooo pretty! a job well done :)

pretty ´n pink said...

IT´S *PINK* !!!!!!!!!

I lovelove it!!!!

Liebe Grüße
von Anja

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

well scrolling more...i adore that pink rug. and that tole umbrella stand (i think thats what it is)...i also put a chandy in my office...its pink and green. loved looking around here.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

ps i also meant to ask about your Repasy art collection and wastebasket...have you been a fan for a long time? I just found her a few months ago. she is a sweetheart and so talented!