Friday, April 30, 2010

Some "Bunny" Loves Pink Roses!

Here is a little bit of eye candy for you to end your week with! We all love pink roses, or any color of rose for that matter...they are always so breathtaking in any form. I just adore Christie Repasy's work and the third photograph shows a stunning vase that she has hand painted. Isn't it just delicious! Her talent continues to amaze me as well as the talent of my wonderful friend, Jo-Anne Coletti of Vintage Rose Collection. I will try to showcase some of her work on my blog soon. She is absolutely one of the most talented rose painters that you will ever see hands down! I only wish that I had 1/10 of the talent that she has when it comes to painting. Have a lovely weekend my friends ~ wishing you all a most happy awe-inspiring spring! ~Stacy~ xo

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Stacy, Hi, it is Carol From The Polka Dot Closet! How are you? I just found your blog, it is gorgeous. I am now a follower so I won't miss another post. I always think of you as my mentor. I took the plunge and started a blog. I would be honored if you would take a peak at It. It has DIY, tips, tricks, and secrets
Thank You, can't wait to hear from you. Carol